This evil one is from the Immortal Realm

This evil one is from the Immortal Realm

Chapter 1 Crossed over? Occupying someone else’s body?

On a huge bed in the luxury ward, a pale handsome young man’s eyes were closed, the medical instrument beside the head of the issuing ‘drip!’ ‘drip!’ ‘drip!’ sounds.

“Ling Tian….” The young man’s dry lips opened and closed, calling the name of the person in his heart.

Did it fail?

Did he die just like that?

Really unreconciled….

However the pungent smell of disinfectant made the teenager frown. What was that smell?

Ye Xuan Chen suddenly opened his eyes fiercely and sat up on the bed, but the surrounding environment stunned him for a while. Where was this?

Strange room, strange decorations and strange pipes stuck in his hands.


Ye Xuan Chen’s gaze got caught on the mirror on the left. The person inside did the same thing he did but he wasn’t familiar with that person at all, he didn’t even know who it was.

This body wasn’t his….

“Did I occupy someone else’s body?” Ye Xuan Chen frowned, mumbling.

He only remembered that his primordial spirit had entered into long nothingness. He didn’t know how long he had wandered about and then finally, he seemed to have almost integrated with the chaos….

He was supposed to be dead, but he was reborn in another person. It seemed he was lucky!

“So… I succeeded?” Ye Xuan Chen asked himself somewhat uncertainly.

But… where was Ling Tian?

Ye Xuan Chen closed his eyes, wanting to investigate, that other soul that he hidden deep inside his own soul….

“How can this be?” Ye Xuan Chen quickly opened his eyes in shock. He was… He had no cultivation at all!

Soon, he guessed a possibility.

“…. Is this body I’ve taken a mortal’s?”

If that was the case then it would make sense!

He released his mental powers to probe the surroundings and found that the spiritual aura in the air around him was weak and pathetic…

“….” He was speechless, this place couldn’t be a wild land right?

With such weak spiritual aura, even if he wanted to cultivate it would be a little difficult.

Ye Xuan Chen scratched his yellow hair irritably. This hair color is really annoying.

When his line of sight touched the pipes in his hands, he frowned, raised his hands and pulled it cleanly, then pulled out the ones in his nose too.

“Didi didi didi ….”

The medical device at the head of the bed produced a long string of piercing sounds, alarming the people outside.


The door was suddenly pushed open and a beautifully dressed middle-aged woman rushed to Ye Xuan Chen, her eyes red, voice trembling as she said, “Son! You’re…. you’re awake?”

Her voice was full of excitement and joy. The doctor had just told her to prepare herself and she had almost fainted from crying.

Following the beautiful middle-aged beautiful was a middle-aged man in a suit, his usually somber face also showing a trace of excitement.

Behind him were a group of doctors in white coats with a touch of consternation on their faces. Just now they told Chairman Ye that Young master Ye might not be able to survive this evening…

The faces of several doctors felt hot, feeling more than embarrassed.

But it was also a good thing that nothing had happened to this person.

Ye Xuan Chen looked up and down at the strangely dressed people. He looked first at the beautiful middle-aged woman in front of him who was holding him, not daring to forcefully push her away because she had just him called her son, which showed that she was the mother of his body.

So this man should be the father of his body.

In order not to be detected, Ye Xuan Chen called out, “Father, mother, I…”

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1 year ago

so ye xuan chen was the protag.. I thought he was the ml. Lol.
Thank you for the wonderful translation. 💖💖

1 year ago

I rarely see danmei’s wherein the gong is the protagonist that’s why

11 months ago

It seem that the protagonist is gong~

10 months ago

Missing seme protag tag oof, I love shou protag and am not ready for gong protag yet.
you should have tagged it properly

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