This evil one is from the Immortal Realm

This evil one is from the Immortal Realm

Chapter 2 Hmm, I have amnesia

“What did you call us?? Father? Mother?”

Before he finished speaking, the two had an incredible expression. The beautiful middle-aged woman burst into tears and shouted to a doctor behind her: “Doctor, come and see if my son has become stupid. Why is he….”

The doctors immediately stepped forward and surrounded Ye Xuan Chen to examine him.

“Ah, hey, hey! What are you doing, I’m not stupid, don’t come closer…”

Ye Xuan Chen frowned and tried to wave the few people away but found that there was no strength in his hands.

He felt he wasn’t was wrong. Wasn’t this woman the mother of this body?

Then why did she just call him son?

“Go away!” His face sank. The pungent smell of these men was so heavy that he felt nauseous.

And he wasn’t stupid, why should he let these people check him! These people couldn’t find out that this body had been taken over.

The doctors were so frightened by his severe hostility that they froze, not moving. Even if they wanted to they couldn’t move.

Cheng Yalin pleaded in distress: “Son! Son! Don’t be to agitated, please let the doctor check on you ok?”

Ye Xuan Chen frowned, a 川 character appearing on his face. He looked at Cheng Yalin and asked, “Are you my mother?”

Cheng Yalin’s eyes lit up as she nodded, “Yes! Yes! Son, I’m your mom!”

“Mom?” Ye Xuan Chen was stunned for a moment. What was this strange name?

“Then….” Ye Xuan Chen looked doubtfully at the middle-aged man again.

“I’m your dad….” Ye Yuan Zhong looked nervously and expectantly at Ye Xuan Chen. His son being like this, if he turned into a fool, he really didn’t dare think about the future….

“Mom? Dad?” Ye Xuan Chen called out tentatively.

Cheng Yalin and Ye Yuan Zhong immediately hugged him in excitement, Cheng Yalin shedding tears: “Good, son this is great.”

“….” Ye Xuan Chen rolled his eyes in his heart. He didn’t find Ling Tian, he didn’t say anything, but had instead found himself a father and mother…

Uh! No, it should be a Mom and Dad.

“Cough! If you’ve held enough, just step back a bit, I’m a little uncomfortable.” Ye Xuan Chen coughed softly.

After all he wasn’t their real son so this intimate move made him dislike a little.

“Okay okay….” As soon as Cheng Yalin heard that her son was uncomfortable, she immediately pulled her husband back to the side.

“Son, do you feel any discomfort?”

Ye Xuan Chen immediately shook his head: “No.”

He didn’t want others to think that he had become a fool.

After a pause, he added, “Cough. I don’t feel any discomfort physically or mentally, but…”

“What is it?” Cheng Yalin immediately became nervous.

Ye Xuan Chen: “I just don’t remember a lot of things.”

He didn’t know anything about the original owner of the body and sooner or later there would be some flaws, so he was taking advantage of this opportunity to convince them that he was the original owner and to make them believe that he wasn’t stupid.

This body was very weak, and the head was also injured, so it must have been severely damaged before, so loss of memory was the most reasonable and unquestionable explanation.

“Ah?” Cheng Yalin found it a little hard to accept this result.

Ye Xuan Chen frowned, wondering how to explain it to the woman when he heard a doctor in a white coat next to him say: “Madam Ye, for young master Ye to be able to wake up now, it’s a great miracle. He suffered a head injury before and now not remembering the past, it’s very likely that he has amnesia.”

Ye Xuan Chen glanced at the doctor with great satisfaction. The white suit had said all that he wanted to say.

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