This evil one is from the Immortal Realm

This evil one is from the Immortal Realm

Chapter 3 Are the people in this world so poor??

The doctor didn’t see Ye Xuan Chen’s gaze and continued: “But I suggest we do another full scale examination. After all, there are a lot of patients with amnesia who end up brain dead or end up having dementia….”

“….” Ye Xuan Chen’s face became black. Although he couldn’t understand what the f*** brain dead was, he could still understand dementia.

“Okay, we understand.” Ye Yuan Zhong nodded. This news was much better than what they had just heard outside.

“Chen Chen, do you only remember Mom and Dad?” Cheng Yalin sat on the bed, held Ye Xuan Chen’s hand and asked carefully.

“Um. I only know that you’re my parents, but I don’t remember anything else.” Ye Xuan Chen resisted the urge to shake off Cheng Yalin’s hand and nodded obediently.

After a pause, he frowned, “Yes, what is my full name?”

“…” Cheng Yalin’s eyes flushed then she hugged Ye Xuan Chen, her voice choked a little: “Chen Chen, I didn’t expect that you would forget yourself, but not forget Mom and Dad, I’m so touched.”

“Woo woo…. It was mom and dad who used to be bad before, not taking care of you which led you to become like that. We will spend more time with you in the future.”

Ye Yuan Zhong took off his glasses, turned his back, and wiped a tear away.

“….” Ye Xuan Chen’s mouth twitched again and again. Of course, he hadn’t forget himself, it was just that he didn’t know the name of this body. You two, don’t be too touched.

Also, what did she mean become like that? What kind of life did the original owner of this body lead? Listening to his mother’s tone, it seemed he was a bit bad.

And I don’t need you to spend time with me….

Finally, from Cheng Yalin’s mouth, Ye Xuan Chen learned the name of the original owner. It was actually the same as his. He was unexpectedly also called Ye Xuan Chen.

However when Cheng Yalin explained that Ye Xuan Cheng had been a very popular hooligan in the past, Ye Yuan Zhong liked Cheng Yalin’s explanation and started giving an exaggerated account of all his actions, but Ye Xuan Chen didn’t understand a word of what they were saying.

After lying in the hospital for two days, Ye Xuan Chen finally couldn’t stand the smell of the disinfectants and forced Cheng Yalin to take him home…

While the housekeeper pushed Ye Xuan Chen in a wheelchair out of the hospital, Ye Xuan Chen was shocked along the way.

“Housekeeper, why are those women wearing bellybands outside?” Ye Xuan Chen finally couldn’t help asking.

Were the women of this world so unrestrained?

“…. Young Master, they are not wearing bellybands, they are clothes….” The housekeeper knew that Ye Xuan Chen had lost his memory, so he explained patiently.

“Then… those little kids how come they are… eating… shit?” Ye Xuan Chen pointed to the children who were holding ice creams and licking them not far away, unparalleled shock on his face.

Was this world so poor? Poor enough that they were eating shit….?

“….” The housekeeper looked at the chocolate-flavored ice cream in the hands of the children and the corners of his mouth rose, but he still smiled and explained diligently: “It’s ice cream, not…. shit.”

“What are those little squares in those people’s hands? Why is everyone staring at it?”

*”Young Master! That’s a cell phone….”

“Hand chicken?”


Ye Xuan Chen was like a curious baby. He grabbed the housekeeper, asking him all sorts of questions. Everything he saw felt fresh. Strange people, strange things, strange food….

Everything was strange…

He felt as if he were a fool, out of place in this strange, bright world.

Ling Tian, where are you?

I miss you so much….

*The character for cell phone is – 手机, but the ‘机’ in it sounds exactly the same as the character for chicken when pronounced.

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1 year ago

Thank’s for you chapter ♡♡

1 year ago

I died laughing on this chapter.

The former Ye Xuan Chen’s parents were too doting they could even give a concise explanation on everything that YXC says lololol.

Belly bands were probably the maids apron here; those bands are put on toddlers to protect their stomachs from cold.
And he thought ice-cream were crap probably because the kids were eating chocolate ice-cream? Lol. Cannot be unseen/forgotten. Lololol.

Thanks for the chapter. 💖

1 year ago

Thanks for the chapter! ^ ^

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