This evil one is from the Immortal Realm

This evil one is from the Immortal Realm

Chapter 4 Strong resentment?

Ye House …

When Ye Xuan Chen saw ‘his’ room that was filled with garage kits and stickers and posters on the wall, as well as various aircraft carrier models, he only felt that his head hurt. He looked at the housekeeper with uncertainty: ” Are you sure this is my room?”

Was the original owner so scary? Making his own room like a puppet’s nest, could he fall asleep at night?

“Can I change rooms? Otherwise move all these things away for me.” Ye Xuan Chen rubbed his eyebrows.

“Young master, don’t you like them?” The housekeeper was a little surprised. Previously, all these things were Ye Xuan Chen’s treasures. If anyone touched them, he would fight to the death with that person.

“I don’t like them.” Ye Xuan Chen nodded seriously.

“Okay.” The housekeeper called the servants and instructed them to put them away. In case the young master recovered his memory in the future, they would be miserable if he couldn’t find them.

After that, the housekeeper changed all the cool colored curtains and sheets to black, white, and gray, according to Ye Xuan Chen’s preference.

Cheng Yalin and Ye Yuanzhong returned not long after, and seeing this scene they both felt a little surprised but neither of them said anything.

Because in their opinion, as long as Ye Xuan Chen’s life wasn’t in danger, amnesia was a good thing for him.

In the past, they husband and wife had always been busy with the company’s affairs and from childhood to adulthood they hadn’t cared much about their son which led to Ye Xuan Chen’s rebellion. After this accident, they had reflected on it well and decided to spend more time with their son in the future.

In this way, in the next three days, Ye Xuan Chen spent them under the meticulous care of his ‘parents’ and Ye Xuan Chen also came to have a general understanding of this world.

It turned out that people in this world couldn’t cultivate at all. Their most powerful thing was ‘technology’. Concerning this point, Ye Xuan Chen admired it from the bottom of his heart.

And there was also the ‘hand chicken’, which was a powerful magic weapon, almost omnipotent, but he felt that it had little effect on himself, after all, it couldn’t be used for cultivation….

As the weather was very good today, Ye Xuan Chen was stretched out comfortably, lying on a recliner in the garden, trying to feel the thin aura in the air.

Like the results of the past few nights, the surrounding aura was so thin that it wasn’t enough to draw it to himself…


Ye Xuan Chen released a silent sigh as his heart took a hit. In fact, even if he succeeded in bringing the aura into his body, according to the aura of this modern world, even if he practiced for a lifetime, he wouldn’t reach the height he had reached in the previous life.

In other words, he was probably going to be here all his life….

“Whatever, one step at a time.” Ye Xuan Chen set aside the vexing things in his head and comforted himself: “This one has always been lucky. In case Ling Tian is also here, then wouldn’t I have gained a huge profit?”

Sure enough, when he thought about it this way, he instantly felt better.

Ye Xuan Chen’s ears moved as the sound of footsteps came from behind. Not from his parents, nor the housekeeper, let alone the servants, a strange footstep….

Ye Xuan Chen turned his head and locked his eyes on the man who was approaching. About twenty years old, a little tall, skin a little fair, also wearing a pair of glasses, looking quite elegant.

However the moment Ye Xuan Chen saw the man, resentment rose in his heart. There was even an urge to crush the person in front of him to pieces.


He frowned quietly. How could he have such a strong resentment?

No, it should probably be asked why this body, that was, the original owner, felt such strong resentment all of a sudden?

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