This evil one is from the Immortal Realm

This evil one is from the Immortal Realm

Chapter 5 With the way you look?

Really interesting…

The corner of Ye Xuan Chen’s lips hooked up with a touch of evil. Such strong resentment wasn’t something that could be produced by a small grudge…

The man saw Ye Xuan Chen suddenly turn around and seemed to be startled, but soon recovered his calm. He raised his hands to push the glasses on the bridge of his nose, walked over with a smile and held Ye Xuan Chen’s shoulder intimately as he laughed, “Xuan Chen, how are you feeling today? Is it any better?”

Ye Xuan Chen glanced at him lightly, “Do I know you?”

“Uh….” Ye Zi Cheng’s eyes flashed with a trace of suspicion. He had just heard from the housekeeper that he had lost his memory. Was it true?

Coincidentally losing his memory?

“I’m your brother. You don’t even remember me?” Ye Zi Cheng showed sadness, but his eyes stared at Ye Xuan Chen’s face momentarily, not wanting to let go of any expression on his face.

“Brother?” Ye Xuan Chen frowned and looked at Ye Zi Cheng up and down. “With the way you look? Saying you’re my brother…. do you even believe it yourself?”

He didn’t know whether the original owner had a brother or not, but comparing Ye Zi Cheng’s plain face to his own face that could wreck a country and bring disaster to the people, the difference was like heaven and hell. Whether he was his brother or not, he could tell with one glance.

“….” Ye Zi Cheng’s eyes flashed with a cold light, little piece of sh**. It seems that even if he had amnesia, his character hadn’t changed one bit.

Suppressing the thoughts in his heart, Ye Zi Cheng explained with a smile: “He he, I’m your cousin. We grew up together, but we are better than blood brothers.”

“Oh… what do you want from me?” Ye Xuan Chen put his hands behind his head and squinted his eyes, his expression showing he was enjoying the sun.

“It’s nothing, it’s just that the chameleon car you drove during the accident, maybe it can’t be repaired…” Ye Zi Cheng said sympathetically.

“What leon?” Ye Xuan Chen opened his eyes and asked with surprise.

Ye Zi Cheng’s eyes flashed. Of all Ye Xuan Chen’s sports cars, his favorite was the chameleon. If he hadn’t lost his memory, knowing this result, wouldn’t he have a fierce reaction?

“Let me show you the pictures.” Ye Zi Cheng pulled out his cell phone with a smile and handed it to Ye Xuan Chen.

I’ll see if you can still pretend….

Ye Xuan Chen stared at the cell phone in his hand and his brows furrowed more and more tightly. Finally, he looked up and said in a bad tone: “What’s so good about a pile of scrap iron?”

And he had thought it was an interesting monster, really boring.

“… Scrap iron?” Ye Zi Cheng’s eyes flashed with a trace of joy, did he really lose his memory? Although this chameleon was badly damaged, it was still repairable. He had just said it on purpose in order to test him.

After all, it was a limited edition. There were only ten of these cars in the country. According to Ye Xuan Chen’s character, he would definitely make him repair it, but now he was saying it was scrap iron, and the look in his eyes, he didn’t seem to be pretending at all….

“So you mean you’re not planning to fix it?” Ye Zi Cheng finally asked.

“Fix it yourself, I’m not interested in that thing.” Ye Xuan Chen pursed his lips.

“Okay.” Ye Zi Cheng’s eyes flashed with greed. If he repaired it, he could resell it…

Thinking of this, Ye Zi Cheng felt a little impatient in his heart. He said to Ye Xuan Chen: “If there’s nothing else, I’m leaving first, I’ll come see you another day.”

After saying this, without waiting for Ye Xuan Chen’s reply, he quickly left the Ye house.


After he left, Ye Xuan Chen only sneered. This cousin, under the banner of concern, revealed his true nature and greed in every sentence. Whether he was a man or a ghost, he could see it at a glance.

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