This evil one is from the Immortal Realm

This evil one is from the Immortal Realm

Chapter 6 Ye Zi Cheng

Not long after Ye Zi Cheng left, Ye Yuan Zhong and Cheng Yalin also came back. In order to avoid drowning in the flood of Cheng Yalin’s saliva filled with motherly love, Ye Xuan Chen very consciously returned to the living room.

As soon as he got to the living room, he saw a teenager around his age sitting on the sofa!

“Hey, Xuan Chen!”

Yun Mu Han waved to Ye Xuan Chen and motioned for him to sit next to him.

Ye Xuan Chen glanced at him without a word, turned to Cheng Yalin and Ye Yuan Zhong who had just come out of the garage and said, “Mom, Dad, I’m going back my room first.”

Then he went upstairs…

“….” Yun Mu Han was a little dazed. This guy was pretending to have amnesia, he really admired him!

“Xiao Mu, don’t take it to heart. Except for us, Xuan Chen doesn’t remember anyone else….” Cheng Yalin saw that Yun Mu Han’s face was a little bad and especially explained to him.

“Aunt Yalin, I understand. Don’t be too upset!” Yun Mu Han comforted. Seeing Ye Xuan Chen’s figure disappearing at the entrance of the stairs, Yun Mu Han immediately got up and said to Cheng Yalin, “Aunt Yalin, I’m going up to play with Xuan Chen, please excuse me.”

Having said that, Yun Mu Han took two – three steps at a time and ‘pa pa pa’ went upstairs.

Cheng Yalin shook her head helplessly and instructed the housekeeper, “Let them add some more food to the dinner in the kitchen. Young Master Yun likes to eat vegetables and recently Xuan Chen prefers Chinese food. Take care of this.”

“Yes!” The housekeeper nodded.

“Uncle Li, was there anything different about the Young Master today?” Ye Yuan Zhong asked.

The doctor had said that Ye Xuan Chen’s body was still in the observation period and that they should paid more attention, so Ye Yuan Zhong would ask about Ye Xuan Chen’s condition every day.

The housekeeper smiled, “No, young master is much better today than yesterday. I believe there shouldn’t be any danger.”

“Ha ha! That’s good!” A happy smile appeared on Ye Yuan Zhong usually serious face, the same for Cheng Yalin.

The housekeeper seemed to think of something and said, “Yes, young master Zi Cheng came here today and also brought many gifts.”

“Zi Cheng, why didn’t you let him stay for dinner?” Cheng Yalin asked with a little bit of blame.

“Young master Zi Cheng said he was going to see a client and that he couldn’t wait for you, so I didn’t force it!” The housekeeper smiled.

Ye Yuan Zhong nodded. Although Ye Zi Cheng was his big brother’s child, they brought him up from almost childhood, so their affection for Ye Zi Cheng wasn’t much less than the one they had for Ye Xuan Chen.

“In the past two years, Zi Cheng has not contributed less to the company. He just returned today, I didn’t expect that the first thing he would do is to come see Xuan Chen.” Ye Yuan Zhong had a fatherly smile on his face.

“After a few days when Zi Cheng’s business is done, I’ll call him to come and eat at home!” Cheng Yalin also smiled.

“Hmm!” Ye Yuan Zhong smiled and nodded.

The two asked a few more questions before turning to the elevator.

As Ye Xuan Chen was about to close the door, a foot stuck in the door.

“Ah, hey hey! Didn’t you see me coming? Unexpectedly still closing the door!” Yun Mu Han rolled his eyes.

“I want to rest!” Ye Xuan Chen frowned.

“Qie!” Yun Mu Han looked at Ye Xuan Chen with a contemptuous gaze, opened the door directly and entered Ye Xuan Chen’s room!

“Ahhhh…. bro, what about the garage kit in your room!!!?”

As soon as he entered the door, the expression on Yun Mu Han’s face was as if he had been struck by thunder!

“You mean those colorful dolls?” Ye Xuan Chen raised an eyebrow.

Yun Mu Han: “Hmm, hmm….”

“Threw them away!” Ye Xuan Chen said lightly.

“Ah!!!???” Yun Mu Han was stupefied, staring at Ye Xuan Chen in disbelief. “You’re lying to me right?”

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