This evil one is from the Immortal Realm

This evil one is from the Immortal Realm

Chapter 7 I am your brother.

“Heh.” Ye Xuan Chen sneered, bypassed Yun Mu Han and sat on the sofa in the bedroom.

Yun Mu Han also sat down. He couldn’t care about those things at the moment. He asked with an exaggerated expression: “You’ve really lost your memory?”

Ye Xuan Chen: “Hmm.”

Yun Mu Han didn’t believe it: “Really not pretending?”

Ye Xuan Chen: “Yes.”

“….” It seems if he didn’t trick him, this guy wouldn’t admit defeat. Yun Mu Han pulled out his phone, opened a picture of a girl and asked, “What do you think of this woman?”

Ye Xuan Chen’s eyes fell on his cell phone, stayed there for two seconds and spat out a word: “Ugly.”

“Uh…” Yun Mu Han stared at carefully at Ye Xuan Chen’s undulating face and finally believed that Ye Xuan Chen really had amnesia.

After being silent for a long time, Yun Mu Han patted Ye Xuan Chen on the shoulder and said, “It doesn’t matter, it’s good that you’re alright.”

After all, it was good to be able to keep one’s life after such a serious car accident.

“Now that you’ve lost your memory, let me introduce myself from scratch.” Yun Mu Han quickly restored the smile on his face and said to Ye Xuan Chen: “I’m Yun Mu Han, your good brother, the two of us have never been separated since childhood…”

Yun Mu Han beamed with joy and spittle flew out of his mouth non stop as he continued. Ye Xuan Chen finally couldn’t stand it and said, “Stop! I know, you don’t have to say any more.”

Yun Mu Han smiled happily: “Then you believe that I am your brother?”

Ye Xuan Chen: “Believe….” That was impossible, he only had one brother.

Yun Mu Han asked again, “So being like this now, will you still go to school?”

“School?” Ye Xuan Chen asked doubtfully.

“Uh …” Yun Mu Han just remembered that Ye Xuan Chen had amnesia and was thinking about how to explain to him when he heard Ye Xuan Chen ask, “Is that where you study?”

Yun Mu Han nodded excitedly, “Yes, it’s a place where we study.”

After a pause, he corrected: “It’s where we learn.”

“Oh…” Ye Xuan Chen nodded, expressing understanding.

“If I get the chance I’ll check it out.” Ye Xuan Chen mused, touching his chin.

But he was very curious, what did the people in this world learn!?

Yun Mu Han seemed to think of something and looked a little angry: “You must go back, otherwise….”

“Young master. You can come down for dinner.” The housekeeper knocked on the door that had not been closed, interrupting what Yun Mu Han was about to say.

At the dinner table, Cheng Yalin saw Ye Xuan Chen bury his head to eat, not saying a word from beginning to end and sighed slightly in her heart. Her son now felt very strange to her, she didn’t know whether it was good or bad…

“Xiao Mu, if you are free in the future, come to our house more often….” Cheng Yalin smiled at Yun Mu Han.

“Okay.” Yun Mu Han nodded. Even if Cheng Yalin didn’t say it, he would still come.

“Yes, Aunt Yalin, is Xuan Chen still going to school?”

“This….” Cheng Yalin and Ye Yuan Zhong glanced at each other. They had already discussed this issue. Ye Xuan Chen had lost his memory. Even if he went to school, it was useless. They could only arrange a tutor first and talk about the rest later.

Cheng Yalin opened her mouth slowly, “Xiao Mu, I know you want Xuan Chen to go to school, but you have also seen his situation, if he goes….”

“I’ll go and see! The house is boring.” Ye Xuan Chen suddenly opened his mouth.

Cheng Yalin didn’t expect that Ye Xuan Chen would take the initiative to ask to go to school. Ever since coming out of the hospital, Xuan Chen would only talk if they took the initiative to ask him a question. It was hard to hear him say anything of his own volition…

Cheng Yalin reacted quickly and smiled happily: “It’s up to you.”

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