This evil one is from the Immortal Realm

This evil one is from the Immortal Realm

Chapter 8 School

Far Higher School was the most expensive private aristocratic school in A city and also had the best teaching quality. Here, there were a lot of teachers who were Harvard and Oxford graduates and even the gatekeepers could speak fluent English…

Of course, many parents squeezed their heads and wanted to send their children to Far Higher School for the purpose of promotion in life. Letting them learn was a secondary option, letting their children expand their connections and paving the way for their future was the main thing….

A black Rolls-Royce, low-key parked a little distance away from the school under a big tree.

The housekeeper opened the door and Ye Xuan Chen got out of the car.

“Xuan Chen, you’re here.” Yun Mu Han came over from the school gate and put his hands around Ye Xuan Chen’s shoulders.

Behind him, there was a cute boy with a baseball cap and hip-hop sports outfit.

When Nie Xiao Jiu saw Ye Xuan Chen, he shook his head in disgust: “Tut, you really have amnesia. You have even started to wear school uniform.”

“What’s wrong with this dress?” Ye Xuan Chen asked with a frown.

This suit was the most acceptable to look at in his closet. The others were either colorful or ‘tattered’…

“Don’t listen to him. Coming to school you have to wear a school uniform… only that we just don’t want to wear them.” Yun Mu Han explained.

Looking at Ye Xuan Chen’s upper body clothed in a white shirt with a small blue suit and the pair of white sneakers on his feet, he gave of a cold aura even as he was wearing the old school uniform that was out of fashion.

And his original head full of yellow hair, after knowing that it could be dyed, Ye Xuan Chen decisively dyed it back black last night, and coupled with this school uniform, at the moment it changed Ye Xuan Chen’s temperament.

Yun Mu Han couldn’t help but exclaim: “But…. I have to say, you look pretty decent in school uniform, hahaha….”

“Puff….” Nie Xiao Jiu almost spat out the lollipop in his mouth as he laughed, but fortunately finally restrained himself.

“….” Ye Xuan Chen glanced at Yun Mu Han coldly which instantly made his laughter come to an abrupt end. Yun Mu Han secretly asked: Where did this kid learn this kind of look? Scaring someone with just a look?

He touched his nose a little guiltily as he coughed softly: “Let’s go, let’s head in first…”

When the housekeeper saw this he took out Ye Xuan Chen’s schoolbag and handed it to Yun Mu Han: “My young master is at school, so I will have to trouble young master Yun and young master Nie to take care of him.”

“Well said, well said!” Yun Mu Han carried Ye Xuan Chen’s schoolbag on his back and said very boldly.

“Don’t worry, we’ll take good care of this guy.” Nie Xiao Jiu out his arms around Ye Xuan Chen’s shoulders and laughed evilly.

“….Thank you.” The housekeeper wiped his sweat.

When the two entered the school with Ye Xuan Chen, the housekeeper drove away.

The morning breeze carried with it a hint of coolness. On the campus, all kinds of laughter passed through to Ye Xuan Chen’s ears.

This kind of atmosphere and feeling, was a bit like when he practiced cultivation in the immortal lands.

Yun Mu Han looked at Ye Xuan Chen. “How is it? Does it feel familiar?”

“Can’t you read his expression?” Nie Xiao Jiu said cooly with a lollipop in his mouth, hands in his pockets.

Yun Mu Han: “…” Okay. It was him who was talking too much.

“Eh? Isn’t that young master Yun and young master Nie? Who is that handsome guy between them? His side profile is so charming!!!” A schoolgirl with a book in her arms said with a crazed look.

“I don’t know, but why does he look familiar?!” Another female student said thoughtfully.

Suddenly, a girl screamed, “Ah, ah! Isn’t that young master Ye?”

“What? Young master Ye?” A pair of surprised eyes locked onto Ye Xuan Chen’s face instantly.

A girl covered her heart exaggeratedly, “Wow! It turned out that young master Ye looks so handsome in school uniform!!”

“It’s over, my heart is beating.”

“Heh! What is the use of being handsome? Wasn’t he turned down by school flower Gu…” A boy said in a sour voice.

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