This evil one is from the Immortal Realm

This evil one is from the Immortal Realm

Chapter 10 Blank exam paper

Nie Xiao Jiu pursed his mouth, sat back properly and activated ear shielding mode…

“Forget that you normally make trouble, you actually gave me a blank paper for the monthly exam. Do you want to anger me to death?”

Liang Kuan kept beating the platform in anger. His good class C, unexpectedly they had both handed in blank papers for the monthly exam. Even the class teacher of class F had started to laugh at him.

Nie Xiao Jiu rolled his eyes, qie! If only I could really anger you to death…

“And you, Ye Xuan Chen!! It was also a blank paper and skipping school for a week, don’t you want to learn?”

After talking about Nie Xiao Jiu, Liang Kuan’s cannibalistic eyes fell on Ye Xuan Chen who was silent.

In fact, he was a little puzzled. If this was before, if he spoke about Nie Xiao Jiu, Ye Xuan Chen would immediately stand up and talk back to him. Why was he so quiet today?

“I’m sorry, I caught a cold and had a fever and was taken to the hospital. I couldn’t ask for a leave.” Ye Xuan Chen repeated what the housekeeper had taught him in the morning unhurriedly.

“Uh….” In the face of Ye Xuan Chen’s very ‘sincere’ apology, Liang Kuan couldn’t react for a while. Had this boy changed his character?

The surrounding classmates also looked at Ye Xuan Chen as if they had seen an alien, but most of them watched secretly, not daring to do so blatantly.

Pushing his glasses up uneasily, Liang Kuan said: “Be careful in the future, you can still call to ask for a leave…”

After all, Ye Xuan Chen’s identity was there and coupled with his rare attitude of admitting a mistake once in a century, it wouldn’t be good for Liang Kuan to say more.

“Um.” Ye Xuan Chen nodded.

Liang Kuan felt even more uncomfortable. He felt that something was wrong?

However, it was class time so Liang Kuan no longer paid attention and began to distribute the papers of last month’s exam…

Nie Xiao Jiu gave a thumbs under the table and riding on the fact that Liang Kuan’s attention was no longer on him, smiled, “Amazing, you actually learned to admit your mistakes.”

Ye Xuan Chen ignored him and opened the textbook on the table very curiously….

But after turning a few pages, Ye Xuan Chen closed the book because he didn’t understand a word.

Liang Kuan sprayed spittle everywhere on the platform, explaining the most difficult questions in the monthly exam, eyes sweeping from time to time at the ‘focused’ Ye Xuan Chen and Nie Xiao Jiu.

After seeing Ye Xuan Chen flipping through the book for a while, then directly entering into a daze and Nie Xiao Jiu burying his head, hands holding a cell phone and placing it under the table to do god knows what.

Liang Kuan sighed in his heart. He had originally thought he had changed for the better, but didn’t expect that he was pretending for only three seconds…

It was also good, at least he wouldn’t disturb others in a daze.

After the bell of the last class in the morning rang, Nie Xiao Jiu stretched his waist and yawned, “It’s finally over, I almost broke my neck sleeping….”

Ye Xuan Chen glanced at him lightly. This guy spent all three classes looking at his cell phone and slept in one class. Did he really come to study?

“Let’s go, let’s go and eat.” Nie Xiao Jiu pulled Ye Xuan Chen and walked outside.

Yun Mu Han was already waited for them under the school building and standing beside him was a beautiful girl. The two seemed to be talking about something and the girl looked a little angry.

“Yo! Why is little beauty Su Han here?” Nie Xiao Jiu pulled the lollipop from his mouth, walked to the girl and pulled her hair.

“Nie, Xiao, Jiu, walk away for me, I don’t want to talk to you two now.” Yun Su Han batted Nie Xiao Jiu’s paw away, beautiful eyebrows erect, staring at Nie Xiao Jiu with eyes that were spitting fire.

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1 year ago

Thanks for the chapter! ^ ^

1 year ago

Phew, for a moment I was in daze rembering my teachers and shuddered. You brought my forgotten fear up again. I’m going to have nightmare. I wish I could be leisure in home, but unexpectedly, assignments till chasing after me. QAQ

Thanks for the chapter~~~

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