This evil one is from the Immortal Realm

This evil one is from the Immortal Realm

Chapter 11 Scum Ye??

Nie Xiao Jiu quickly retracted his hand, taking two steps back exaggeratedly, saying in surprise: “Tut! Is this the explosiveness caused from hunger?”

Never expected that such a cute little white rabbit would get angry.

“Hmph! I blame you three for the good deeds you have done. Senior Xue-er is ignoring me now, wu wu ….” Yun Su Han choked out aggrievedly, beautiful big eyes full of tears, looking very pitiful.

Nie Xiao Jiu looked at Yun Mu Han with puzzled eyes.

Yun Mu Han shrugged a little helplessly and gave Nie Xiao Jiu a look. Nie Xiao Jiu understood instantly.

He touched Yun Su Han’s head, comforting her: “It’s okay, it’s okay, isn’t it just sending a text message from your cell phone? If Gu Xue’er is ignoring you, we won’t ignore you. Come on, smile…”

However, Nie Xiao Jiu’s words not only didn’t provide comfort, Yun Su Han cried out instead: “Wu… wu… you three bad guys!”

Yun Mu Han glanced at Nie Xiao Jiu coldly. Look what you’ve done!!

Nie Xiao Jiu gave him a look saying ‘Let me see you performance’, pushed Ye Xuan Chen who was behind him to the front and waved his hand in front of the crying Yun Su Han: “Come, don’t cry, open your eyes and look at a handsome guy.”

Ye Xuan Chen: “…”

As soon as Yun Su Han heard a handsome guy, she immediately stopped crying. Seeing Ye Xuan Chen in a school uniform, her eyes widened immediately and her mouth dropped open in an o-shape.

“So handsome …” Yun Su Han said foolishly, her eyes full of love bubbles.

Nie Xiao Jiu touched Yun Mu Han’s shoulder with his shoulder, communicating with a smile: [How about that? Aren’t I cool?]

Yun Mu Han gave thumbs up: [Superb!]

After Ye Xuan Chen wore his school uniform, he completely lost the vibe of being a punk that he had been previously and he really looked like those noble boys in a novel, and now his sister seemed to like this handsome guy.

“Uh… why is this handsome guy a little familiar….” Yun Su Han frowned slowly after her response. At last she slapped her head, her expression more shocked than it had been just now: “I’m dizzy, isn’t this scum Ye…”

Ye Xuan Chen’s face turned black. Although he knew that Yun Su Han knew the original owner, he was now occupying his body…

When Yun Mu Han saw this, he quickly pulled Yun Su Han behind him and coughed lightly, “Cough. Let’s go and eat first, I’m starving.”

“Yes, yes. Let’s eat.” Nie Xiao Jiu also opened his mouth.

“Where should we eat?” Yun Su Han asked excitedly, the expression in her face showing that she wanted to eat a big meal, as if the person who had been crying just now wasn’t her.

Yun Mu Han patted Su Han on the head, declaring proudly, “Your brother will treat you today, let’s eat at…. the cafeteria.”

Little beauty Su Han’s face collapsed in an instant, really shouldn’t expect anything from her brother….

Ye Xuan Chen followed them all the way to the cafeteria. Three handsome guys with different styles and little beauty Yun Su Han, this combination instantly attracted a lot of attention.

“Wow… I heard people saying in the morning that young master Ye wore a school uniform, looking so f***ing handsome, didn’t expect that it was actually true.” A girl took out her cell phone excitedly and facing Ye Xuan Chen, took pictures in a frenzy.

“Wow wow wow. Young master Yun and young master Nie are also here!” The flowery eyes of many girls fell on the three boys.

Then they took out their cell phones and started snapping pictures. For some time, the already crowded cafeteria seemed to have turned into a fan meeting.

Although the original owner had a bad reputation in the school before, he had two of the most attractive things in the world, one was face value and the other was his family. If they could marry the sole heir of the Ye family, then there was no need to worry about the second half of their life at all.

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