This evil one is from the Immortal Realm

This evil one is from the Immortal Realm

Chapter 12 The hot gaze of the girls

Although the original owner had a bad reputation in the school before, he had two of the most attractive things in the world, one was face value and the other was his family. If they could marry the sole heir of the Ye family, then there was no need to worry about the second half of their life at all.

And concerning Nie Xiao Jiu and the two Yun siblings, the former’s father was Nie Yan, serving as the mayor of A City. Although he was only a mayor, everyone knew that they had a connection to the Nie family of the four major families in the imperial capital….

The latter Yun siblings, like the Ye’s, were one A City’s economic leaders and no one dared to provoke the existence of the Yun family in A City because Yun Mu Han’s grandfather was a Ling.

The founding father of the empire, the head of the four major families – the Ling family. They could obviously rely on the meritorious service of the previous generations, but the Ling family’s children relied on their own strength.

The direct line of the three generations of the Ling family, not only were they commander in chiefs, each of them had won many glorious merits with their own efforts. And today’s Ling family, had command over the air and land forces. Its power could be described as a person with ten thousand people under him.

But the children of the Ling family were relatively low-key, and the Yun’s had never used any of the Ling’s family’s forces….

The few people bought their meal, and after sitting down, those girls were still staring at them hotly.

Nie Xiao Jiu looked at the girls’ ‘crazy’ gaze, turned his hand to Yun Mu Han and asked as he swallowed: “Cough… we used to come to the cafeteria before, why wasn’t it such a sensation then?”

Yun Mu Han glanced at him, pointed with his chin to Ye Xuan Chen who was eating with his head down and said, “Have you ever seen such an elegant young master Ye before?”

“Eh….” Nie Xiao Jiu’s gaze also fell on the face of Ye Xuan Chen who had bowed his head to eat and shook his head mechanically. “No.”

Yun Su Han gave the two a ‘you don’t understand’ look and laughed in an extremely obscene manner: “Hey hey… he is now a male god…”

Yun Mu Han sucked in the corner of his lips and clamped a shrimp in Su Han’s little mouth. “Drool is about to flow out.”

“Um… delicious.” Su Han chewed the shrimp Yun Mu Han had stuffed in her mouth and praised ceaselessly: “Delicious… I want another one.”

Then she stretched her chopsticks to Yun Mu Han’s plate.

“Eat, eat, eat…. you’ll eat till you become fat!” Yun Mu Han couldn’t prevent her from snatching it so he simply took the initiative to give her the plate of shrimps.

Su Han glared at her brother with her beautiful big eyes and hmphed: “Shut up, I can eat without getting fat.”

“Yes, yes…” Yun Mu Han nodded in agreement, then deliberately raised his voice, “After all… how can a person eat only one apple for dinner and be fat….”

“Puff…. haha.” Nie Xiao Jiu almost sprayed his food onto Ye Xuan Chen’s face but fortunately in the end he covered his mouth with a tissue, avoiding a big problem.

“Yun Mu Han, will you die if you don’t speak…” Su Han glared at her brother who was sitting opposite her.

“OK.” Yun Mu Han made a silent gesture and decisively closed his mouth.

“And you!” Su Han glared at Nie Xiao Jiu who was holding back his laughter. “You’re not, allowed, to laugh!”

Nie Xiao Jiu wasn’t as compliant as Yun Mu Han. He grimaced, his voice unable to control his mirth: “I want to laugh, I want to laugh, bwa ha ha!”

“You….” Su Han shook a pink fist at Nie Xiao Jiu.

At this time, Ye Xuan Chen put down his chopsticks and wiped his mouth with a tissue. It seemed he wasn’t going to eat again.

“Young master Ye, are you full?” Yun Mu Han looked at his basically untouched meal in surprise.

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1 year ago

Hmmm… I wonder what’s ML’s identity? Military or businessman seems so mainstream. Hopefully it isn’t something… Bad.
Thanks for the chapter~~~

1 year ago

Things seem to be slow going, to me anyway, can’t wait to read more.
Thank you for the chapter.

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