This evil one is from the Immortal Realm

This evil one is from the Immortal Realm

Chapter 14 Long lost oasis

“No way! Hurry up and speak, I don’t know yet.” Su Han was immediately anxious. If it was related to be the male god, she had to know. She said with a straight face: “You two have to make it clear for me.”

What she hated the most was the kind of people who aroused other’s curiosity but don’t explain.

“We don’t know anything.” Nie Xiao Jiu and Yun Mu Han shouted the same thing. Obviously not planning to tell Su Han.

“You guys….” Su Han clenched her pink fist, wanting to kill these two bit**es.

Ye Xuan Chen was also a little curious. Listening to the tone of the two, it seemed that the original owner had hit the male god for some reason. He looked curiously in that direction.

With just this one glance, his whole body stiffened on the spot, his dead eyes beginning to recover a little bit of brilliance, just like a man in a desert who was seriously short of water suddenly seeing a long lost oasis….

He saw a man standing at the door of the cafeteria, wearing a white shirt and a pair of black casual pants underneath, a very simple attire, but on his body it was more beautiful than those carefully prepared fashion covers.

The most attractive thing, was that random coldness and the inherent dignity, made people unable to look away once they saw him.

Ye Xuan Chen’s eyes were fixed on that person’s face, feeling that his heart was about to jump out, his mind blank, leaving only two words – Ling Tian!

The man seemed to notice Ye Xuan Chen’s unusually fierce gaze and frowned as he looked over, but after seeing Ye Xuan Chen clearly, a slightly imperceptible hint of disgust flashed in his eyes.

A girl came over and seemed to say something and Ling Tian turned, walked out and then the woman’s face flushed slightly as she followed.

Ye Xuan Chen saw this situation and immediately got up to give chase. This time was when the cafeteria had the most people, the spacious passageway crowded with people. Ye Xuan Chen was like a crazy person, pushing away the people who were blocking him, rushing towards the entrance.

“Hey! Are you fucking crazy…” A little fat man was pushed to the ground by Ye Xuan Chen. He was about to scold but when he saw who it was, he immediately shut his mouth.

“What’s wrong?” With a ‘cang’, Nie Xiao Jiu stood up from his chair and looked at the somewhat crazy Ye Xuan Chen.

“Not good, did he recover his memory and that’s why he’s so disoriented after seeing Gu Xue’er?” Yun Mu Han also stood up, his face a little bad.

“Let’s follow him first.” Nie Xiao Jiu also followed him out.

Damn it, at school today but have to stop Ye Xuan Chen.

Yun Mu Han also followed closely, chasing Ye Xuan Chen with Nie Xiao Jiu.

“Wait for me.” Su Han didn’t understand how just eating had turned into one and two running away, quickly following behind.

Their actions succeeded in attracting the students attention, causing those in the cafeteria to speculate.

“Ah? School flower Gu Xue’er seems to know the male god? What is their relationship?”

“Did you see school flower Gu’s look just now, the relationship between the two must be unusual.”

“Young master Ye seems to be chasing after school flower Gu? Doesn’t this plot look very similar to a dog blood show…”

“Haven’t you heard? Young master Ye seemed to have finally confessed to school flower Gu but was rejected.”

“What? Where did you hear that?”

“A friend of mine told me. He said he was there at the time and that that scene could almost match a movie scene. Unfortunately, Gu Xue’er rejected….”

The cafeteria instantly blew up like a hot pot. Those who had originally been chasing out to watch a lively show stopped, excited to hear gossip.

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Thanks for the chapter! ^ ^

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Wait a minute, I need to rearrange my thoughts. Hm… So this will turn into high school drama full of dog blood? He, I’m excited. Thanks for the chapter ~~~

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Woo! A drama is about to happen *squeals*.thanks for the update

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