This evil one is from the Immortal Realm

This evil one is from the Immortal Realm

Chapter 18 Fooled again!

All through the afternoon, Ye Xuan Chen was thinking about one thing. His mind was full of Ling Tian and the face of the man from the morning constantly overlapping.

“It seems I have to draw your soul into the body quickly…” Ye Xuan Chen supported his chin with one hand, his face thoughtful.

The simplest and most straightforward way to determine if this Ling Tian was that Ling Tian was to contrast the original soul….

“Hey, school is over, what are you still thinking about?” Nie Xiao Jiu patted Ye Xuan Chen on the shoulder puzzledly then took out a lollipop, tore it open and put it in his mouth!

“Nothing, let’s go.” Ye Xuan Chen shook his head, packed his things and walked out of the classroom.

It wasn’t known where Nie Xiao Jiu took a skateboard from. He held it up with one hand, placed it on his shoulder and followed Ye Xuan Chen.

Outside the school gate, Yun Mu Han and Su Han were already waiting for them.

Seeing the two finally arrive, Su Han put the life has no meaning expression on her face away and urged: “Hurry up, you two turtles.”

Nie Xiao Jiu stepped on the skateboard with a beautiful flick and stopped in front of Su Han. “Isn’t it because this young master was accompanying great master Ye.”

Otherwise he would have been the first at the school gate.

“Humph.” Su Han turned her head to the side and hummed, “You only know how to be cool.”

“Qie! This young master is cool.” Nie Xiao Jiu pouted.

Su Han: “Stinky beauty.”

Yun Mu Han rubbed his forehead helplessly. These two, really, no matter when or where, as long as they met, they would fight without leaving a few words.

Seeing Ye Xuan Chen also walking over, Yun Mu Han stretched lazily and said casually, “Let’s go.”

“Where?” Ye Xuan Chen wondered.

The faces of these three didn’t look like they were going home.

Nie Xiao Jiu rolled his eyes at Ye Xuan Chen. “After a hard day, its finally time to relax. Do you still want to go home to study?”

“…” Ye Xuan Chen thought, wasn’t that a given?

“Heh heh. Brother will take you to a stimulating and exciting place today, maybe you will recover your memory tonight.” Yun Mu Han held Ye Xuan Chen’s shoulders, smiling with a smile that could only be described as dirty.

Su Han immediately stood up and said with her hands forked on her hips, “I’m telling you, if you leave me again this time, I will really ignore you.”

“How is that possible?” Yun Mu Han touched Su Han’s head indulgently. “If I leave you this time, I’ll change my surname…”

As soon as his words finished, a dazzling red convertible sports car drove in front of them, and the boy who was driving nimbly jumped out, and Yun Mu Han quickly tugged Ye Xuan Chen into the car.

At the same time, Nie Xiao Jiu threw the skateboard to the ground, stepped on it with both feet and stuck a small chain with a suction cup onto the car.

All these happened in just a few seconds, but Su Han was almost unable to react.

Nie Xiao Jiu laughed, “Ha ha, little fatty, you’ve been fooled again…”

“My dear sister, bye bye …” Yun Mu Han waved to Su Han who was still in a daze, stepped on the throttle, and the sports car with Nie Xiao Jiu attached to it on the skateboard pulled out in a dazzling light, instantly disappearing from Su Han’s sight.

“….” Su Han who had been in a daze for a long time finally came back to her senses. She had been tricked by the three again!

“Ah ah ah ah ah” Su Han angrily threw her schoolbag to the ground and stomped her feet on the spot.

“You three bastards!”

“Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah …”

“Fooling me every time!! I’m so mad!!!”

The Yun housekeeper who was waiting at the side quietly wiped his sweat. Young Miss, although it’s true that the young masters lie to you every time, you also fall for it every time….

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