This evil one is from the Immortal Realm

This evil one is from the Immortal Realm

Chapter 19 A modern bar! Stupid!

“Woo woo … they’re too much! Wa…” The angry Yun Su Han felt very aggrieved, crying out, “Woo woo … I will never talk to them again!”

The Yun family’s housekeeper handed the tissues he had already prepared to Yun Su Han, consoling her: “Miss, you’re still young and unsuitable for that kind of place. The young masters are doing it for your own good…”

After all, Su Han was a girl, still so young.

Su Han: “Humph. You’re speaking for them again, I won’t mind you too.”

Thinking of the memories of being deceived by the three people in the past, a burst of grievances poured out in Su Han’s heart and her tears fell down, pitter patter, her appearance very pitiful.

Housekeeper: “….”

Ye Xuan Chen looked at Su Han who was stomping her foot angrily behind them and couldn’t help but ask: “Is she your biological sister?”

“Don’t worry, absolutely biological, we can’t be anymore related than that.” Yun Mu Han answered.

“….” Ye Xuan Chen was speechless, suddenly pitying little girl Su Han in his heart.

The sports car went all the way to the door of the Grand Emperor. Yun Mu Han shouted to Nie Xiao Jiu who was at the back, “I’m going to put on the brakes.”

“OK!” Nie Xiao Jiu waved his hand and the chain together with the suction cup fell off the sports car, he twisted his body, rotated with the skateboard 360 degrees in the air, and with a very handsome posture, fell onto the sidewalk.

The reception manager of Grand Emperor trotted over and very enthusiastically welcomed the three: “Young master Ye, Young master Yun, Young master Nie.”

Yun Mu Han got out of the car, nodded and threw the car keys to the manager, saying to Ye Xuan Chen: “Let’s go in.”

Ye Xuan Chen frowned. From the time they had pulled him out of the school gate, he didn’t know what these two were taking him out to do.

Until they entered the bar where music was booming loudly, lights brilliant, the men and women on the dance floor swinging and swaying around like crazy, and those low pantings in the dark. ‘Yin!’ All this made Ye Xuan Chen, ‘who was green and inexperienced’ stare with wide eyes.

“Woo hoo….” Nie Xiao Jiu and Yun Mu Han couldn’t help but nod their heads, shaking with the people on the dance floor, humming songs that Ye Xuan Chen couldn’t understand.

“Young master Ye…”

Just when Ye Xuan Chen was about to go dizzy from the explosive music, the sweet voice of a female came from beside him.

A woman with a hot body, exquisite and pure makeup walked over with a catwalk, “Young master Ye, you haven’t been here for a week, I missed you so much…”

As the beauty said this, she pushed her scary 36D man-made breasts up, wanting to lean against Ye Xuan Chen’s arms.

“….” Ye Xuan Chen had no time to shake the goosebumps off from his body, he quickly pulled Yun Mu Han in front of him, blocking her.

In this way, the beautiful woman fell into Yun Mu Han arms.

“Young master Yun, you’re so bad.” The woman said coquettishly, thinking Yun Mu Han had done it on purpose.

Yun Mu Han grabbed the beautiful woman’s waist with one hand and laughed, “Yo! Little Mo Mo, I haven’t seen you for a few days and you’ve become more and more beautiful.”


Ye Xuan Chen’s eyebrows knitted into a frown as he looked over at Nie Xiao Jiu: “Is this a brothel?”

“Ah? What did you say?” Nie Xiao Jiu brought his ears closer. The music was so loud, he didn’t hear what Ye Xuan Chen had just said.

“Is this a brothel?” Ye Xuan Chen repeated in a deep voice.

“Ha ha ha …” After Nie Xiao Jiu heard what Ye Xuan Chen said clearly, he laughed uproariously. “Brother, this is a civilized society now. Where is there a brothel? Even if there is, it won’t be in such a first class area…”

“If it’s not then that’s good!” Ye Xuan Chen was relieved.

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11 months ago

Not a brothel but a host club.
Thanks for the chapter.

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