This evil one is from the Immortal Realm

This evil one is from the Immortal Realm

Chapter 21 Infuriate

Yun Mu Han saw that the two didn’t want to go and didn’t force it, taking Mo Mo to the dance floor.

The people on the dance floor became even more crazy because of the presence of Yun Mu Han, with many beautiful women thinking of ways to approach him.

Ye Xuan Chen sat on the sofa, unaffected by the surrounding atmosphere as he poured himself a cup of tea, his heart unusually calm.

From time to time the dazzling lights hit his handsome face, which made him look extraordinarily particularly charming….

Suddenly, Ye Xuan Chen felt an unusually hot gaze locked onto his body. He frowned as he looked back and through the lights and the crowd, he saw a long-haired man in a black suit in a corner.

Ye Xuan Chen frowned slightly. This man’s eyes made him feel uncomfortable.

The long-haired man also noticed that Ye Xuan Chen was looking at him. He raised the glass in his hand and walked over.

When he got closer, he laughed and said, “He he, Young master Ye! Why didn’t you go up there today.”

At this time, Ye Xuan Chen noticed that the long-haired man was also followed by two guys, about the same age as him.

Each of them was wearing a black and white t-shirt, one was Zou Yang and the other was Liu Yu. They were also students of Far Higher School. However Ye Xuan Chen didn’t know them.

“Young master Ye. You haven’t been here for a week. I thought it was because you were scared after you lost to me last time.” One of the boys in a white t-shirt, Zou Yang, smiled as he opened his mouth.

But that smile looked a little provocative.

As soon as his voice fell, the other boy in the black t-shirt followed up, “Zou Yang, how can you say that, is Young master Ye the timid type.”

Although on the surface he was helping Ye Xuan Chen, the expression on his face was the same as Zou Yang’s, containing a little bit of ridicule.

When Nie Xiao Jiu saw the few people, he immediately put his cell phone down. He stood in front of Ye Xuan Chen and said to the long-haired man with a gloomy face, “Long Ge, we just want to relax today, not play anything else.”

While speaking, Nie Xiao Jiu looked in the direction of the dance floor, wanting to signal Yun Mu Han to come over, but he didn’t know whether it was intentional or not, that Mo Mo continued to block his view.

Damn it…

Nie Xiao Jiu cursed inwardly. These three yapping their mouths at Xuan Chen, they obviously had a purpose.

Before the man Nie Xiao Jiu had called Long Ge spoke, Zou Yang sneered, “Yo. Young master Nie, are you afraid?”

Liu Yu shook his head and snorted: “Young master Nie, if you don’t want to play, don’t stop young master Ye, after all, young master Ye isn’t like you… no balls.”

“What did you say!!” Nie Xiao Jiu’s face sank immediately.

Hand movement as fast as lightning, he took the beer bottle next to him and smashed it fiercely in the direction of Liu Yu’s forehead.

But the beer bottle stopped 1 cm above Liu Yu’s head, because Nie Xiao Jiu’s hand was caught by Ye Xuan Chen who had gotten up.

Ye Xuan Chen didn’t know what these three wanted to do, but when Nie Xiao Jiu picked up the beer bottle, there was a clear smile of success on Long Ge’s face, so he stopped Nie Xiao Jiu.

Liu Yu was also taken aback by Nie Xiao Jiu’s sudden move, but he soon calmed down, “Yo, young master Nie, you’re so easily shamed to anger. It’s still young master Ye who is cool headed…”

His aim was only to infuriate the two men, so even if he was injured, there was still a high reward behind him, so Liu Yu looked at them without fear.

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Trouble in pariadise. Thx for the chapter

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