This evil one is from the Immortal Realm

Chapter 22 It’s difficult to turn down such a… difficult your head!

“Young master Ye, go upstairs to play a game, being overly cautious isn’t like you.” Zou Yang looked at Ye Xuan Chen with a slightly meaningful gaze, wanting to provoke him.

Ye Xuan Chen didn’t get as angry as the two imagined, he just asked in a calm tone: “Play what?”

“Puu… Young master Ye, don’t act dumb.” Liu Yu seemed to have heard a joke, laughing on the sofa.

Nie Xiao Jiu pulled Ye Xuan Chen to the side and whispered, “Don’t listen to them, Long Ge is a person of the Yang group. The last time the Ye Group and the Yun Group joined hands and grabbed a piece of land from them. The Yang Group must definitely be bearing a grudge, so Long Ge appearing here now, it’s certainly not a good thing.”

Nie Xiao Jiu said very seriously, not having the casual and careless appearance from just now.

Ye Xuan Chen glanced at him in surprise. Really didn’t expect that this kid was could make people misjudge him at first glance.

Nie Xiao Jiu was a little embarrassed. “Don’t look at me like that. My brother told me this. He told me long ago not to hang out with you two these days…. cough.”

After a pause, he added: “You have amnesia now, so I can’t explain a lot of things to you for a while, but anyway it’s not wrong to listen to me.”

Long Ge looked at Nie Xiao Jiu coldly. Although he couldn’t hear what he was saying to Ye Xuan Chen, he could guess that he was saying bad things about him.

The Yang Group’s earliest background was from the underworld, and was only in the recent years that they had began to gradually wash it away. They had always been domineering. They had suffered such a big loss last time, how could they not find an opportunity to recover it.

If he couldn’t move against the old ones, couldn’t he move against the small ones.

“Young master Ye, it’s just a few games, you wouldn’t listen to someone else on this little matter right?” Long Ge looked at Ye Xuan Chen a little sarcastically as he shook his head: “Tut, this courage, not as good as a little schoolboy’s.”

“You don’t have to provoke me on purpose.” Ye Xuan Chen’s voice was very calm, without any extra expression.

Nie Xiao Jiu was relieved. Amnesia was indeed a good thing. If it was in the past, Ye Xuan Chen would have been angry.

Long Ge’s eyes turned malicious and insidious. He hadn’t expected that Ye Xuan Chen would unexpectedly be so calm today. It seemed he had to find another chance again.

But just when Long Ge was about to leave, Ye Xuan Chen’s nice voice rang out slowly.

“But… since you want to play, I’ll play with you.”

As soon as this words came out, Nie Xiao Jiu was the first to explode, sh*t! And he had said so much just now, those feelings were nonsense, couldn’t amnesia change Ye Xuan Chen’s scumbag brain?

“What are you doing?” Nie Xiao Jiu was so anxious that his face turned green.

Ye Xuan Chen shrugged, lips hooking up into a smile, “No other way, it’s difficult to turn down such a warm-hearted offer.”

Difficult your head!

Nie Xiao Jiu really wanted to b*tch slap Ye Xuan Chen.

“Ha ha. This is the young master Ye I know.”

After Long Ge froze in surprise, he laughed. He immediately winked at Liu Yu.

“Young master Ye, please.” The two laughed as they made way for Ye Xuan Chen, their hearts more happy than a flower in bloom.

Ye Xuan Chen followed the two as they led all the way up to the third floor.

Nie Xiao Jiu gritted his teeth. He could only follow him.

There were no fewer people on the third floor than below. The only difference was that there were no gorgeous lights and hot music, only gamblers with red eyes, cold bodyguards, and beautiful women wearing sexy uniforms…

This type of atmosphere, made Ye Xuan Chen immediately guess that it was a casino.

Ye Xuan Chen’s guess wasn’t wrong. This was a casino. Although it wasn’t big, it had all the internal organs of one and many people playing in it.

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