This evil one is from the Immortal Realm

This evil one is from the Immortal Realm

Chapter 24 I’m interested in your jade necklace.

“Just what?” Nie Xiao Jiu asked immediately.

Long Ge’s venomous eyes fell on Ye Xuan Chen’s exquisite and charming face, a hint of lewdness in them, “Young master Ye just needs to stay with me for a few days.”

As soon as his voice fell, Ye Xuan Chen’s eyes narrowed dangerously, a bloodthirsty light flashing through his eyes, like the eyes of a demon god waking up from his sleep….

Disgust formed in Nie Xiao Jiu’s eyes. He finally knew what Long Ge’s intentions were.

He pulled Ye Xuan Chen, prepared to leave. “Let’s go, leave them alone.”

Ye Xuan Chen couldn’t win. Even if Long Ge didn’t make any secret moves, if he wanted to win against Ye Xuan Chen, this little rookie, then it was easy.

Several bodyguards blocked Nie Xiao Jiu’s way, not planning to let them leave.

“Heh, Long Ge, you dare act against us?” Nie Xiao Jiu sneered, looking at Long Ge who was opposite them.

When Nie Xiao Jiu said this, he was full of confidence. After all, with their identity, Long Ge wouldn’t be able to move against them at all.

Long Ge frowned. Nie Xiao Jiu’s thought process was correct. If the two of them insisted on leaving, he really couldn’t dare stop them at all.


“Young master Nie, if you don’t want to play, it doesn’t mean young master Ye doesn’t want to.” Long Ge looked at Ye Xuan Chen with a smile. “Young master Ye, what do you say?”

“En.” Ye Xuan Chen nodded and smiled at Nie Xiao Jiu: “Let’s play with him.”

Don’t know if it was the confidence in Ye Xuan Chen’s eyes or the corner of his lips that were lifted in slight contempt for Long Ge, all of Nie Xiao Jiu’s words fell stuck in his throat as he stood silent in place.

Ye Xuan Chen’s eyes finally fell on Long Ge, smiling as he said, “Long Ge is right, I have no problem betting with you, but you only have 20 million and you want to bet on this young master for one night, isn’t that naive?”

“Oh?” Long Ge knew that there was a play as soon as he heard Ye Xuan Chen’s words. He smiled, “Young master Ye, if you feel this is less, how about making it 50 million?”

It was true that he coveted Ye Xuan Chen, but the main purpose was to make him lose and to keep the others in the casino. At that time, the Ye couple would naturally pay double the money to save them…

Thinking of this, the gaze with which hr used to watch Ye Xuan Chen became even more hot.

Ye Xuan Chen’s eyes flashed coldly. If they had been in the Immortal Realm, he would have long chopped off his head. How would he have left matters until it reached this stage?

But the rules of survival in the modern times weren’t the same as the ones in the Immortal Realm. Apart from the fact that his spirit was stronger than theirs, he was just like any mortal, so he had to endure for the time being.

“Is this young master the type of person who lacks money?” Ye Xuan Chen chuckled, apparently indifferent to Long Ge’s 50 million.

Long Ge frowned. “What do you want?”

Ye Xuan Chen’s eyes fell on his neck. “I’m a little interested in that jade necklace on your neck.”

From the first time he saw this person, Ye Xuan Chen had noticed that it wasn’t an ordinary jade necklace, but a spirit stone that had accumulated aura in it over the years, which allowed Ye Xuan Chen to regain the hope of re-cultivation.

“This…” Long Ge touched the jade necklace on his neck, obviously a little unwilling to part with it, because after he had bought this jade necklace, he had gotten very lucky and escaped death several times….

He was a gangster, so he had to believe more in things like superstition.

“Since you don’t want to, forget it.” Ye Xuan Chen shrugged indifferently, about to get up.

Long Ge said hurriedly, “Wait! I’ll bet with you.”

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Free necklace for the MC.thx. Pls update

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