This evil one is from the Immortal Realm

This evil one is from the Immortal Realm

Chapter 25 Winning Ticket?

Long Ge pulled the jade necklace off and put it on the table. “Since Young master Ye is interested in this jade necklace, then I’ll just add it.”

Anyway, I’m not going to lose.

The corners of Ye Xuan Chen’s lips hooked up. “Then let’s get started.”

In the end, the two men unanimously decided to win three in five games.

The rules were very simple. There were a total of three dice. The two would guess the number of dice points in the dice cup. The person who guessed the closest point was the winner. If the two points were the same, then it was a draw.

“Long Ge, you don’t mind if I check it right.” Ye Xuan Chen pointed to the dice cup and asked with a smile.

“Of course not.” Long Ge’s eyes filled with disdain. Sure enough he was a child. Did he think he still wouldn’t be able to work on the dice?

Ye Xuan Chen hefted the three dice in his hand and then threw them back into the dice cup, not checking it carefully as others had thought he would.

The corners of Nie Xiao Jiu’s lips twitched. This boy had just been showing off right?

The gambling here attracted the attention of other people in the casino, a lot of people also coming to surround them.

The man in the red suit who had been standing at the table, at Long Ge’s gesture, grabbed the dice cup with one hand and commenced with a series of amazing shaking techniques, dazzling the eyes of the people.


When the dice cup was put back on the table, everyone’s eyes fell on it.

“Long Ge, Young master Ye, please.” The man took a step back and motioned for the two to guess.

Ye Xuan Chen supported his chin with one hand, index finger gently hitting the table, a faintly sleepy look on his face. After the dice cup fell to the table, he said directly: “Eleven points.”

Long Ge also said: “Fourteen points.”

“Are you sure?” The man in the red suit confirmed the answer of the two for the last time.

“Sure.” The two nodded.

The man in the red suit reached out and took the dice cup away.

Three dice lay there quietly, everyone’s eyes looked at them.

The number of points on the dice were six, five, four, which added up to a total of fifteen.

And Ye Xuan Chen had just said eleven points, brother Long fourteen. Who won and who lost, it could be seen at a glance.

Nie Xiao Jiu’s heart clattered, it was over! He should have just knocked this kid out and taken him away just now.

“Lost.” Ye Xuan Chen shook his head, seeming a little disappointed.

“Hah hah. Young master Ye let me win.” Long Ge’s face couldn’t hide his complacency, as if he was already the ultimate winner.

Nie Xiao Jiu suppressed the thoughts in his heart, somewhat unable to accept it: “It’s just a round, the winner hasn’t been decided yet.”

His momentum couldn’t be weakened.

However the second time, it was still Long Ge who won. Nie Xiao Jiu’s face was like dead ash. In his heart he had already found a way to extricate themselves.

The expression on Ye Xuan Chen’s face didn’t change, he just nodded slightly, motioning for the man in the red suit to continue.

Long Ge’s eyebrows were full of smiles. There were still three games left, and he only needed to win one to have completely won this game.

Ye Xuan Chen on the other hand, if he wanted to turn his luck around, he had to win the next three games, but that kind of chance, was impossible.

The dice cup fell again and the two continued to guess.

“Eleven points …” Long Ge smiled, looking as if he had gotten a winning ticket.

Ye Xuan Chen looked casually, then said lightly: “Five points.”

“….” Black lines appeared on Nie Xiao Jiu’s face. Young master, can’t you be serious? This is most probably your last chance!

This, f**king, cool, leisurely, attitude, is it, okay!

After the two confirmed that they were sure, the man in the red suit opened the dice cup…

Nie Xiao Jiu who had been watching the dice cup nervously stared wide eyed, exclaiming in shock, “Ah! Three, one, one!”

This tone was like that of an ordinary person who had won a million yuan, unable to talk due to excitement and disbelief.

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10 months ago

Cute little Nie, hahaha!!!!. Pls update

10 months ago

Hahaha!!!cuta little Nie. Thx ,pls update.

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