This evil one is from the Immortal Realm

This evil one is from the Immortal Realm

Chapter 26 How do you want to play?

A lot of people watching the excitement around them also shouted in excitement. They hadn’t expected that not did Ye Xuan Chen not lose, he also guessed the points.

Long Ge frowned and looked at Ye Xuan Chen suspiciously. This time he was completely accurate, not missing at all.

He had to be careful in the next step, lest the boat overturned into the ditch.

Ye Xuan Chen still didn’t have much expression on his face, even his eyes didn’t change.

He said softly, “Continue.”

When the dice cup of the fourth game was settled, everyone looked at them nervously.

Long Ge was silent for a long while before he said, “Fifteen points.”

“Seventeen points.” Ye Xuan Chen was still unhurried.

Finally, the dice cup was removed slowly. Everyone stretched their necks, wanting to see the points inside.

(Six, Six, Five) A total of seventeen points. Ye Xuan Chen won again, and accurately guessed the points.

“Ahh! Xuan Chen, you won!” Nie Xiao Jiu shook Ye Xuan Chen’s shoulder excitedly, more excited than anyone.

Ye Xuan Chen batted his hand away, “Don’t shake me.”

“Okay.” Nie Xiao Jiu immediately stood aside like a lackey, unable to stop smiling.

Long Ge’s face was a bit dark. He now had no advantage. Like Ye Xuan Chen, he was tied and the key to everything was in the last round.

He couldn’t lose, even if…

Long Ge looked at the man in the red suit and said lightly, “Continue.”

A glimmer of light that wasn’t easy to detect flashed in the eyes of the man in the red suit, then he began to the shake for the fifth round.

“Wait.” Ye Xuan Chen suddenly opened his mouth to stop his movements, eyes on Long Ge’s face. Ye Xuan Chen smiled, “Long Ge, there’s no fun in playing this last round without a thrill is there?”

“How do you want to play?” Long Ge asked.

Ye Xuan Chen smiled: “In addition to adding a few more dice, how about we guess the number of points of each dice? The person with the highest accurate guesses wins.”

In fact, the play was the same, but the difficulty had increased a little.

“Alright.” Long Ge didn’t know what type of tricks Ye Xuan Chen wanted to play, but the final result must be that he won.

Long Ge’s words just fell when Ye Xuan Chen’s faint voice sounded again. “Eh? This handsome guy is tired after shaking the dice all night. Let him rest for a while and allow a beautiful woman take over.”

Long Ge’s pupils shrunk. Had Ye Xuan Chen discover something? But did he think, that doing this he still couldn’t move?

After all, the people in the casino were all his.

“Go get Niu Niu here…” Long Ge ordered the man in the red suit.

Ye Xuan Chen interrupted his words again, pointing to the lively crowd watching: “Hey, hey. Don’t bother, there’s a beauty over here.”

This time, Long Ge’s face was a little ugly, but he didn’t flare up. He pulled on a stiff smile as he said, “Other people don’t know how to shake….”

In the middle of the speech, Long Ge stopped.

Madness, just rolling a dice, who the fu*k couldn’t….

“It doesn’t matter, it’s okay to change the taste.” Ye Xuan Chen waved his hands indifferently, then looking into the crowd, smiled at the red-haired, beautifully dressed sexy lady. “This sister, I wonder if you can do us a favor?”

Even though Ye Xuan Chen’s expression was still completely open, his delicate features and charming smile, and the noble rich aura coming out from him, together with the combination of lazy and immature style, produced an indescribable charm.

This charm would make any woman unable to refuse his request.

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Schemes.think u can scheme against the MC.thx,pls update.

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