This evil one is from the Immortal Realm

This evil one is from the Immortal Realm

Chapter 27 Ai Weier

Ai Weier’s heart jumped, seeming to be beating faster than usual.

She scolded in her heart secretly: “Evil doer.”

However there was smile on her face as she said, “Of course.”

“Then I’ll have to trouble you.” Ye Xuan Chen nodded politely.

Long Ge wanted to stop her but it was already too late. He had to bite the bullet and let Ai Weier shake the cup.

Under the gaze of the crowd, without feeling any pressure, Ai Weier walked to the position of the man in the red suit and smiled, “Gentlemen, I’m going to start.”

“Hmm.” Ye Xuan Chen nodded gently.

The dice cup had been replaced by a large one and the number of dice in the cup had been changed from three to six.


As soon as Ai Weier’s white wrist shot out, the dice cup fell into her hands.

Her movements were like floating clouds and flowing water, natural and smooth, a series of breathtaking shaking techniques, dazzling the eyes of the onlookers.

Blue tendons jumped up on Long Ge’s forehead. In fact, he was very knowledgeable on dice. He had reached the stage where he could listen to the sound of a dice and discern the points on it. Although it wasn’t 100% accurate, he could still guess one or two, so it could be said that he was a master of dice cup game.

But this woman was shaking too fast and her technique was very professional, not giving him the chance to listen carefully.

Ye Xuan Chen also looked at Ai Weier in surprise. Although he had guessed that this woman could play, he hadn’t expected her to be so professional. This technique was obviously smoother than that of the man in the red suit.

Ye Xuan Chen’s expression turned comfortable and staring at Ai Weier’s hand, it was as if he was enjoying a wonderful performance.

Finally, Ai Weier smiled and with a ‘bang’, slammed the dice cup on the table. The table shook three times.

“Gentlemen, you can start.” Ai Weier laughed.

Long Ge gave the woman a displeased look, because Ai Weier’s last move had disrupted his focus.

“2,4,1,5,6,6.” Long Ge repeated a string of numbers, which were the points of the six dice he had guessed.

Ye Xuan Chen smiled and opened thin lips lightly, “Six.”

“What else?” Someone asked nervously.

Ye Xuan Chen spread his hands, “Nothing.”

“Ah???” Nie Xiao Jiu was stupefied.

He gritted his teeth and said, “Hey! You… can you be serious?”

“I’m serious, just six.” Ye Xuan Chen spread his hands, and looking at the expression on his face, Nie Xiao Jiu wanted to bash him.

Long Ge felt relief. There were a total of six dice in this dice cup, but Ye Xuan Chen had only said a number. Unless all the six dice in the dice cup stacked up on top of each other, would the number of points on the first side be six.

But this was absolutely impossible, because with Ai Weier’s last ‘bang’, the table shook, so even if the six dice had stacked up on top of each other, they would have all scattered in the end.

It seemed he had to thank this woman well.

If Long Ge could think this way, then others could as well. Someone couldn’t help but shake his head: “Ai, you don’t need to look to know that Long Ge has won!”

“Exactly, young master Ye is still too young.”

Everyone had determined that the winner tonight was Long Ge, but only Ai Weier alone was staring at Ye Xuan Chen strangely.

“Beautiful sis, why don’t you help us open it?” Ye Xuan Chen didn’t care about the eyes of the people around, he just looked at Ai Weier with a smile, motioning for her to open the dice cup.

Ai Weier narrowed her eyes, reached out a hand and raised the dice cup slowly.

Nie Xiao Jiu had already prepared and was ready to pull Ye Xuan Chen and run away. He couldn’t let Ye Xuan Chen fall into Long Ge’s hands.

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How thoughful little Nie to rescue the mc.pls update.thx

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