This evil one is from the Immortal Realm

This evil one is from the Immortal Realm

Chapter 28 The great reversal.

At the same time, Long Ge’s mouth slowly split up into a proud smirk, already standing up impatiently from his seat.

Zou Yang and Liu Yu also quietly moved closer to Ye Xuan Chen and Nie Xiao Jiu, to prevent them from escaping.


At this exclamation, Long Ge saw the dice on the table clearly, the smile on his face suddenly freezing, staring at the dice cup unbelievably.

“Wa?” Nie Xiao Jiu was also stunned in place, eyes opened wide in incredibility, staring at the opened dice cup.


The onlookers couldn’t help but suck in a breath of cold air.

Because under that dice cup, only one dice lay quietly.

“There’s only one left, the other five are broken!!” Someone couldn’t help exclaiming.

“And the number of points on that one is six!”

“Young master Ye… actually won!”

The entire casino boiled in a flash. Everyone hadn’t expected such a change. One by one they became excited, even more excited than the party of Ye Xuan Chen who had won.

“Ai, little handsome, you won, congratulations.”

Ai Weier teased the back of her hair, throwing Ye Xuan Chen all kinds of charming and seductive looks.

Ye Xuan Chen was very calm, not captivated by the stunner that was Ai Weier. Instead, the eyes of the many men next to him turned predatory, gluing themselves to her graceful posture.

The faces of Liu Yu and Zou Yang also changed. How could this be?

Long Ge stared at Ai Weier with a dark gaze. If it hadn’t been for this woman breaking the dice, he wouldn’t have lost.

“Hah.” Nie Xiao Jiu had already recovered from his shock at this time. His initial nervousness changed to joyous laughter as he said, “Oh, it’s a win, haha …”

Listening to this incomparably arrogant laughter, the faces of Long Ge and the rest became even more ugly.

“This…. this doesn’t count, the dice are broken.” Zou Yang was not convinced.

“What, you can’t accept your loss, so you want to go back on your word?” Nie Xiao Jiu’s face was a little heavy.

“So what?” Liu Yu retorted.

“Shut up.”

The words just came out of his mouth when he was interrupted by Long Ge. Although in his heart he wanted to go back on his word more than anyone else, but in doing so, the credibility of the casino would be greatly reduced. Who would dare come here to gamble in the future?

What was more important, Long Ge was very clear.

Now he could only accept this loss and find a chance to retaliate later.

“Let them go.” Long Ge ordered with an extremely ugly expression.

“Ah?? The items used for the bet hasn’t been given yet.” Nie Xiao Jiu’s finger pointed to the jade necklace on table, reminding him.

“….” A blue vein popped up on Long Ge’s forehead as he felt the blood dripping in his heart.

Ye Xuan Chen also looked at the jade necklace on the table, his indifferent eyes somewhat hot.

Long Ge expressionlessly pushed the jade necklace over, eyes fixed on Ye Xuan Chen as he said in a deep voice, “Young master Ye, I, Long Ge always keeps his word.”

He would just take it as if he money was being kept somewhere else. Sooner or later he would double it and take it back.

The moment Ye Xuan Chen took the jade necklace in his hand, he felt the strong aura emanating from it. He was relieved in his heart. Soon, he could start practicing again.

“There’s only 20 million in this card!?” Nie Xiao Jiu’s eyes stared faintly at Long Ge. He didn’t forget that this guy had added 30 million at the end.

“I’ll call to give you the other 30 million later.” Long Ge’s hands clutched the corner of the table tightly, the blue veins on the back of his hands exposing his mood at this time.

“Do you think I’ll go back on my word?”

Nie Xiao Jiu’s lips twitched, “Perhaps…”

“You…” Long Ge’s eyes turned fierce and just as he was about to speak, he saw several people approaching the casino door.

At the same time a cold majestic sounded:

“Nie Xiao Jiu!”

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