Falling in love with the male god

Falling in love with the male god

Chapter 2 Movie Emperor Meng

“Yes.” Lin Qin whispered, his red face as if water could be squeezed out of it, slowly turning dizzy. He was already good-looking, so with his face now stained with this touch of peach red, it became even more beautiful and compelling.

Yet his nervousness couldn’t be concealed.

The director adjusted the camera and asked, “Mr. Lin, are you nervous?”

“Ah?” Lin Qin was a little taken aback when he heard the question, the corner of his mouth moving up slightly. He smiled, “A bit.”

“Why? The director asked, “Is it because you want to see movie emperor Meng? I heard you like him very much.”

The heat temperature in Lin Qin’s body suddenly rose, becoming hot as he answered with a stutter, “Yes, Senior Meng… is my male god.”

“Then this time that you’re going to record ‘We’re together’ with movie emperor Meng. Is there any expectation from Mr. Lin? Or do you want to say something to movie emperor Meng?”

It took me a long time before Lin Qin came up with a choked out sentence, “Senior Meng, please advise me.” He looked at the camera with a sincere and serious expression.

Director: “…” Okay, the chat was over.

Due to their early departure, the team didn’t encounter the morning hour rush and congestion of the capital, going smoothly all the way to the airport.

According to the agreement, the team which would pick Meng Chao up and the team which would pick Lin Qin up would meet at the airport, then they would fly to Marine City to begin the recording of ‘We’re together’

This reality show was called ‘We’re together’.

For more than two months, only two fixed MC’s will be asked to record the show.

During this period, guests from other entertainment circles would be invited to talk about life and participate in games.

The simple point was the vague assumption that it was an ordinary story between a newly-married couple and their friends. As to how to make these stories stand out, it was the MC’S business.

To put it more bluntly, it was a reality show of dog food on a slow-life variety show.

And the degree of freedom of this show was extremely high. There was no script, just completely let the MC’s act, whatever sparks would happen in the end, no one knew at the moment.

About half an hour later, the team which would pick up movie emperor Meng arrived late.

The name of movie emperor Meng was Meng Chao. He had a tall and magnificent jade-like body, his features very outstanding. Even in the entertainment circle full of beauty, he was a very eye-catching existence. Usually donning a pair of glasses, he looked suave and elegant. He didn’t participate in any activities, and also didn’t interact often with fans on Weibo, so in the eyes of fans, he was a very high, cold and aloof existence.

He was definitely a legend in the entertainment circle. He debuted at the age of 18, won all the domestic film awards at the age of 19, and in the same year won three international category A film awards with his superb acting skills in a literary film in the film festival. It could be said that his debut was his pinnacle of fame.

And then one movie a year after that, every movie a box office and word-of-mouth super harvest. His superb acting skills made him a leading figure in Chinese movies, winning him even more awards.

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Zo Arai
1 year ago

A true male god, huh?
Let see how he’ll react beside the MC.
Thank you for the translation ❤️

1 year ago

Thanks you for the chapter

11 months ago

This reality show is similar to We got married!! I loved that show!
If the male god is too cool and serious… who is gonna talk? I think the crew chose the wrong MCs!!
Thanks for the chapter!

9 months ago

I really, really like the heart button! It’s so fun pressing it. Kyaahhh so excited to read the next chapters. Thank you for your hard work!

Last edited 9 months ago by Anamelia
7 months ago

The first phrase of the last paragraph it’s difficult to understand, but everything else is ok, thanks for the work!

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