Falling in love with the male god

Falling in love with the male god

Chapter 3 Hot search

Such a top class tier movie emperor, it was reasonable that he wouldn’t participate in reality shows, let alone the love-type reality shows, so the director didn’t dare invite Meng Chao, but didn’t expect Meng Chao to actively mention that he wanted to record this reality show.

It totally blew the minds of the show team. At the same time, the entire show team couldn’t help but be happy. Meng Chao ah, with fans all over the world how many topics and traffic would be brought to their program crew? Only Meng Chao alone on this variety show could set off their ratings!

Now add another powerful actor Lin Qin who had a god-like face. The show team believed that once this program was launched, it would definitely detonate their ratings through the roof!

Lin Qin was looking down at his cell phone in a corner, and don’t know who said that Meng Chao had arrived. Lin Qin subconsciously looked up at the entrance and saw the tall figure of Meng Chao surrounded by the show crew, walking towards his direction.

Seeing the person he constantly thought of, Lin Qin didn’t meet him excitedly but instead shrank himself into a ball, secretly looking up at Meng Chao, as if he was guarding his small world.

On the contrary, when Meng Chao saw Lin Qin, he walked directly in front of him and generously stretched out his hand, smiling: “Hello, I’m Meng Chao.”

Lin Qin then stood up in a panic to hold Meng Chao’s hand but forgot that he was holding his cell phone in that hand, so when he opened his hand, the cell phone dropped to the ground.

Lin Qin was embarrassed and just as he was thinking of picking up the phone, Meng Chao picked up the phone faster than he did.

“Lin Qin, I’ve seen your movies.” Meng Chao said and handed the phone back to Lin Qin, smiling gently: “I am honored, that you like me.”

“Ah?” His thoughts suddenly exposed by Meng Chao, Lin Qin was taken by surprise as he looked up at the Meng Chao. How did he know? Did he read minds?

Not surprisingly, Lin Qin’s face turned red again, even redder than it had just been in the car, just like the sun rising in the morning, red.

“Senior Meng, I… I”

When Lin Qin reacted a little and wanted to explain something, Meng Chao personally put his cell phone in his hand, leaned into Lin Qin’s ear and whispered softly: “I know I’m handsome, and I can understand after seeing. And, your screensaver is pretty good.”


The blood in his legs rose up again. This time even his neck turned red. He glanced down at his cell phone, trying to find a hole to drill into.

It turns out when his phone had dropped to the ground, the screen didn’t go dark and as Meng Chao leaned down to pick it up, he saw the screen saver on the phone— A picture of Meng Chao coming out of the bathroom with the upper half of his body naked.

This was a picture still of Meng Chao from a movie two years ago. When it had first come out, Lin Qin had used this still as a screensaver and wallpaper. Even when he changed his phone, he didn’t change the screensaver or wallpaper. Who would have thought, that it would one day be seen by the person himself?

Lin Qin couldn’t find the words to explain. After a long time, he could only look up at Meng Chao honestly and say, “En… I like Senior Meng Chao.”

Only god knows how much courage it took Lin Qin to open his mouth to say he liked Meng Chao.

Meng Chao only felt as if there was a little white rabbit standing in front of him, both ears curled up shyly, but he still looked at him with red eyes, which gave one the desire to bully him.

Meng Chao approached Lin Qin a little bit and made his voice very sexy. “Then, can I ask Lin Qin how much he likes me?”

Lin Qin was trapped between the chair and Meng Chao. As he stepped back, his calf hit the chair and he staggered. Fortunately, Meng Chao’s eyes were fast and he caught Lin Qin.

“Are you all right?” Meng Chao asked, concerned.

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Zo Arai
1 year ago

I want to bully Lin Win. Is that bad?
Thank you for the translation ❤️

1 year ago

ML is a smooth one, Lin Qin you trapped Now

11 months ago

Lin Qin was exposed!!! But Meng Chao seems perfectly fine with LQ having his semi-naked picture as his screensaver!! XD

Thanks for the chapter!

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