Falling in love with the male god

Falling in love with the male god

Chapter 4 Hot search

The heat of Meng Chao’s palm passed through thin shirt and scalded into Lin Qin’s heart. Lin Qin couldn’t bear the sudden approach and suddenly pushed Meng Chao away, trotting away from Meng Chao. He stood far away, a pair of eyes deer staring at Meng Chao, slightly alert.

Meng Chao looked at his palm and looked at Lin Qin, muttering helplessly to himself: “Am I so terrible?”

Lin Qin looked at the Meng Chao and couldn’t help but blame himself. He wanted to explain and apologize to the Meng Chao, but he didn’t know how to say it.

The atmosphere was a bit awkward but fortunately, the boarding broadcast soon sounded.

Just as the plane took off, an article by the title [Meng Chao and Lin Qin don’t fit] exploded and climbed to the top of the hot search list.

What triggered this hot search was a video in which Meng Chao went to help Lin Qin who was about to fall, but was pushed away by Lin Qin.

By the time the plane landed in Sea Side City, rumors of the discord between Meng Chao and Lin Qin had intensified online and almost all the spearheads were directed at Lin Qin. After all, in that video, it seemed that when Lin Qin was about to fall, Meng Chao kindly went to help him, but was pushed away by Lin Qin.

No matter how you looked at it, you could see that it was Lin Qin’s fault.

Meng Chao got off the plane and got into the artist van. His assistant Xiao Wu told Meng Chao about the hot search. “Chao Ge, you and Mr. Lin have made the hot search and people are saying that there’s discord between you and Mr. Lin.”

Is that right?” Meng Chao said, somewhat unconcerned. The entertainment reporters were used to making groundless accusations, deliberately taking things out of context. Out of everything they reported, almost all was false, and was just a marketing tool, paparazzi’s that had no conscience. However, Meng Chao still opened Weibo and unexpectedly saw a page of foul language, directed at Lin Qin.

[Who is this Lin Qin? Where the hell did this pheasant come out from, how can he act a self scripted play all by himself?]

[Is this a hype? Rubbing of on my husband’s popularity, Lin Qin is really disgraceful!]

Meng Chao frowned slightly and asked Xiao Wu, “What is Lin Qin’s side saying?” As he said this, he clicked open the video on the internet again. Before, when he had been pushed away, he hadn’t paid much attention, but now watching the video carefully, Meng Chao could make something out.

Lin Qin pushed him away, it wasn’t intentional, but more like a stress response. It was like when one’s territory and space had been violated and invaded and you wanted to stay away, backing off subconsciously.

Xiao Wu didn’t know what Meng Chao was thinking about, but he brought out the information sent by Lin Qin’s agent. “Lin Qin’s agent has already sent a message to apologize, saying that they hope brother won’t take it to heart, and that they’ll personally come apologize later.”

The expression on Xiao Wu’s face wasn’t very good as he said this, saying angrily, “Brother Chao, in my opinion that Mr. Lin is really ignorant. You obviously wanted to help him, but he… ”

Xiao Wu didn’t finish pinning the blame on Lin Qin when he was interrupted by Meng Chao, “You haven’t been in this industry for long, you must learn to speak carefully.”

Meng Chao’s voice was serious, then it softened, “Also, it has nothing to do with Lin Qin, I know he didn’t mean to.”

“Brother Chao, I’ll remember.” Xiao Wu knew he had put his foot in his mouth, so he sat quietly by the side, no longer speaking.

Translator: Do you guys prefer Meng Chao Ge/ Brother Meng Chao? Tell me your thoughts.🤗

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11 months ago

Meng Chao Ge, Meng Chao Ge, Meng Chao Ge….all important things need to be said three time.

Zo Arai
11 months ago

Meng Chao Ge is fine since I’ve been reading Chinese novels for ages.
Thank you for the translation ❤️
I’m glad Meng Chao doesn’t get agitated.

11 months ago

Meng Chao Ge or Brother Meng Chao whichever you prefer ..but I think Meng chao Ge sound kinda more cute and would fit Lin Qin ‘s character better🙃🙈

11 months ago

Meng Chao Ge sounds good XD

Thank you for the chapter~

9 months ago

Meng Chao Ge sounds cute!!!
Lin Qin is just too shy, don’t talk trash about him!!!!!
Thanks for the chapter!

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