Falling in love with the male god

Falling in love with the male god

Chapter 1 Movie Emperor Meng Chao

The night had not faded away completely, and the sky was bright.

The director, carrying the camera knocked on the door in front of him. He thought it would take a long time before someone came to open the door, but he didn’t expect that the door would be opened after a minute.

A young man opened the door, his facial features soft and handsome, his lips slightly pursed, as if he was a little nervous. His hands were hanging on both sides of his body, fingers gently twisting the seams of his pants.

“Good… good morning.” The young man, Lin Qin, one of the main characters of the reality show said softly, his voice very low. If he didn’t get closer, the director might not have heard his voice.

“Good morning, Mr. Lin.” The director entered the room and filmed the scene in Lin Qin’s room as required.

Lin Qin lived alone in the apartment, but there was no clutter like what one would find in an ordinary boys’ room. Everything was neatly organized and clean, it didn’t look like a boy’s room at all.

At the same time the director was filming, Lin Qin pushed the suitcase out of the bedroom and stood far away, his palm on the pull rod of the suitcase, not saying a word.

“Mr. Lin, can we go now?” After collecting the material, the director discovered that Lin Qin was standing in the corner. He was slightly surprised. Lin Qin was handsome, but standing there, it was like he had no sense of existence.

Lin Qin nodded, his eyes seemingly looking into an empty space.

The car of the reality show was already waiting downstairs. Lin Qin pushed the suitcase all the way down, making the filming director frown quietly.

This quietness was really not suitable for a reality show. No acting at all. At the time of editing, there will be nothing left to watch.

After getting in the car, the director tried to initiate a conversation with Lin Qin.

Director: “Mr. Lin, why did you accept the invitation from our program crew this time?”

Although Lin Qin was a member of the entertainment circle, he was really too low-key. Apart from starring in movies, he didn’t accept any advertisements and rarely attended events. Even when he won the Cannes Film Festival Movie Emperor award, it was his agent who went up to receive the award, his whole figure not seen in the process at all. Apart from a few activities where he just walked the red carpet, there was no more news of him.

If it weren’t for all the movies he had starred in, the entertainment industry would probably not know that they had such a person.

So this time that Lin Qin accepted the invitation to the reality show ‘We’re together’ and agreed to be a regular guest, it really surprised the show crew. When the program crew sent the invitation, they didn’t hold any hope, so Lin Qin’s consent was really unexpected.

But it was obvious that the director’s question seemed a little difficult for Lin Qin to answer and it took him a long time before he was able to come out with a few words, “…I wanted to accept it…”

Director: “…”

Okay, I don’t have anything to say.

The director frowned, feeling that he had finally encountered a mountain in his career. He racked his brains and finally came up with a question again, “Mr. Lin, do you know who you’re recording this show with?”

After the question came, Lin Qin seemed to think of something, the shell of his ears becoming red, feeling as if his whole person was burning up.

“I… I know.” Lin Qin nodded softly, his seating posture like that of a kindergartener, waist and back straight, hands on his knees obediently, “Senior Meng.”

For a moment, the director felt that there was something wrong with his hearing. He felt that Lin Qin turned solemn and devout when he said the words Senior Meng, no longer as cautious as before.

The director hurriedly struck while the iron was hot. “Is this the first time Mr. Lin is meeting movie emperor Meng?”

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1 year ago

ooooooh, I can feel that I’m going to have heaps of dog food reading this…thank you for the chapter

Zo Arai
1 year ago

He seems like a timid person.
I’m kinda off with the MC’s setting. I mean, he’s not that popular but can reach to the Cannes level? Too contradicting. But I guess I’ll see where this is going.
Thank you for the update ❤️

1 year ago

Hehehe a fun ride ahead..! Thanks you for your translations sweetie☺️🥰

11 months ago

That synopsis got me and this chapter definitely caught me… This Lin Qin is too meek, how is he and his male god gonna interact? The other is gonna do all the talking?
Thanks for the translation!!!!

10 months ago

Hi, first time i see this translation. Thank you ^^
Ah yeah, My name is Lemo and I want to ask you if I can get your permission for re-translation to Bahasa. I’ll definitely tag your site, ofc. Hoping hear good news from you sooner, once again thank you ^^

10 months ago
Reply to  Lisa

Alright, I’ll send you the link as soon as i updated the stories. Thank you ^^

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