This evil one is from the Immortal Realm

This evil one is from the Immortal Realm

Chapter 30 The Jade necklace was already in his hands.

Although he listened to it, he treated it like water off a duck’s back.

After all, Nie Nan Feng was abroad, so he wouldn’t know if he was hanging out with Yun Mu Han and Ye Xuan Chen.

But now that Nie Nan Feng had returned, Nie Xiao Jiu knew that he was about to die. His elder brother hated others lying to him, even if it was his own brother.


Nie Xiao Jiu, who was completely absorbed in his thoughts completely didn’t notice that Nie Nan Feng who was in front had stopped, directly hitting his head on his hard and straight back.

“Big… brother, I’m sorry.” Nie Xiao Jiu immediately returned to his senses, looking frightened at Nie Nan Feng who had turned around.

However, Nie Nan Feng didn’t look at him at all, instead he looked at the two who were not far behind him, Yun Mu Han and Ye Xuan Chen, saying indifferently: “Are you two going with us to the Yun house?”

“Ah? It’s so late, you don’t have to…” Yun Mu Han swallowed. Somehow, seeing Nie Nan Feng’s unemotional eyes, he felt the hair on his body stand up.

Nie Nan Feng: “Then don’t follow us.”

“… Uh?” So that was what he meant.

Tears flowed down in Yun Mu Han’s heart. They were also going downstairs okay, how was it them following him? Nie Nan Feng was obviously disgusted with both of them.

After Nie Nan Feng finished speaking, he no longer looked at them, directly going down the stairs. Nie Xiao Jiu quickly followed, but upon reaching a corner, he didn’t forget to wave sadly at the two.

Guys, I hope you’ll see me tomorrow.

“Ah, let’s wait a while before going downstairs.” Yun Mu Han sighed lightly as he said to Ye Xuan Chen.

From Nie Nan Feng’s appearance, he obviously didn’t want to see them.

“Whatever.” Ye Xuan Chen shrugged, he didn’t care. Anyway, the jade necklace was already in his hands.

But at this moment, Yu Xuan Chen’s gaze lightly skimmed across the corridor and he saw a slender figure walking past.

Even if he had only seen him once today, Ye Xuan Chen immediately recognized who that man was.

“Hey, what are you doing?” Yun Mu Han saw Ye Xuan Chen ran to the end of the corridor and couldn’t help but shout.

Ye Xuan Chen said as he ran, “Going to the bathroom.”

“Is it that urgent….” Yun Mu Han muttered softly after seeing the bathroom sign at the end of the corridor.

Ye Xuan Chen soon chased to the end of the corridor and was about to run in the direction Ling Tian had just disappeared to when he ran head-on into someone.

“Ow.” The woman shouted.

After seeing who it was, Ye Xuan Chen was stunned for a moment, “It’s you?”

It wasn’t someone else, but the red-haired woman whom he had selected to shake the dice in the casino.

“Yo, handsome guy, are you chasing after me?” Ai Weier leaned against the wall in a very enchanting posture and smiled: “My name is Ai Weier, if you want to chase me… I don’t mind.”

“…” Ye Xuan Chen was speechless. The women of this world were really open.

“Sorry, I mind.” Ye Xuan Chen went around her, intending to go the other way. He had seen Ling Tian going in that direction just now.

“Hu… you’ve hurt my heart. Anyway I just helped you, didn’t I?” Ai Weier grabbed him and pushed him directly to the wall behind her, her sexy body moving like a water snake, sticking directly onto his body.

Ai Weier exhaled softly, her voice seductive, “You… Aren’t you going to repay me?”

If this was an ordinary man, he would have certainly not been able to control himself a long time ago. After all, be it Ai Weier figure or her appearance, it was the best. It was only a few men who would be able to maintain control under the temptation of a sexy woman.

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10 months ago

Too interesting,a story to die for.*sniff* pls update more chapters,pls *crying* why did the chapter end

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