This evil one is from the Immortal Realm

This evil one is from the Immortal Realm

Chapter 33 Where do I sleep?

Ten minutes later, Nie Nan Feng came out of the bathroom wearing Nie Xiao Jiu’s bathrobe. It was a little small and since when Nie Xiao Jiu wore the bathrobe it reached his calves, when Nie Nan Feng wore it, it only reached his knee.

On the bare chest, there were still a few drops of water sliding down. Even through the bathrobe, one could see Nie Nan Feng’s golden proportionate figure, and in addition to his incomparably handsome face, such a ‘fragrant’ scene, was very criminally seductive.


Nie Xiao Jiu unconsciously swallowed, not because it was Nie Nan Feng that could make a woman get a nosebleed, or his body that could make another man ashamed just by looking…

Instead it was because, he was going to be dealt with. (Crying)

Nie Nan Feng saw that Nie Xiao Jiu’s appearance was the same as it had been before he had entered the bathroom. Not even his hair was dry. He couldn’t help frowning. “What are you doing over there?”

“Ah? Nothing, I’m wiping my hair.” Nie Xiao Jiu held the towel in both hands and rubbed his head vigorously, but then he realized he hadn’t asked Nie Nan Feng something, so he stopped and asked curiously, “Big brother, you… why did you take a bath in my bathroom?”

“My room isn’t ready, I’ll sleep in your room tonight.” Nie Nan Feng said lightly.

“Ah?” Nie Xiao Jiu trembled, the towel in his hands almost falling. He asked subconsciously, “Then where do I sleep?”

On the sofa? On the floor?

Nie Xiao Jiu was a entangled for a while.


Nie Nan Feng looked deeply at Nie Xiao Jiu, and that look gave Nie Xiao Jiu the illusion that his big brother wanted to shoot him.

“I thought you said the last time that you wouldn’t hang around with them.” Nie Nan Feng suddenly opened his mouth.

The temperature in the room dropped several degrees at once.

Nie Xiao Jiu didn’t dare look at Nie Nan Feng’s sharp eyes. His gaze skimmed over Nie Nan Feng’s hair that was still dripping, his eyes brightened as he said, “Big brother, your hair hasn’t been wiped yet. Should I help you wipe it?”

Nie Xiao Jiu immediately moved his jelly like legs and pulled Nie Nan Feng to the bed to sit down. Regardless of whether he agreed or not, he began to wipe Nie Nan Feng’s hair with the towel in his hand.

He said ingratiatingly with concern: “Big brother, you… you just got off the plane, you must be tired.”

“If you had informed me earlier, I would have definitely come to pick you up, I wouldn’t have gone to the bar.”

As he spoke, Nie Xiao Jiu also peeked at Nie Nan Feng’s face, but because of the angle, he could only see Nie Nan Feng’s high nose bridge and those long eyelashes.


After a while, Nie Nan Feng gave a quiet ‘um’.

Just when Nie Xiao Jiu didn’t understand his answer, Nie Nan Feng said again, “I’m very tired.”

After finishing his work, he had rushed back home overnight.

Nie Xiao Jiu: “Oh… then rest early.”

Anyway, your hair is dry.

Putting the towel away, Nie Xiao Jiu awkwardly tidied up his messy room, because he had seen Nie Nan Feng frowning more than once at his room.

After tidying up, Nie Nan Feng was already sleeping on the bed. Nie Xiao Jiu hesitated a bit, then finally turned off the light and went to bed.

He didn’t want to wrong himself. After all, the bed was so big, it wasn’t a problem for two people to sleep on it, and they were both brothers. No matter what, Nie Nan Feng wouldn’t kick him down with his foot, right?

Besides, this was his own bed 〒_〒

But what Nie Xiao Jiu never in his wildest dreams expected, was that he unexpectedly, had insomnia.

“Umm…” Don’t know whether this was the first time Nie Xiao Jiu had turned over. Sure enough, not anyone could stand Nie Nan Feng’s aura.

Even though he was asleep, Nie Xiao Jiu still felt as if there was an anvil at his back.

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Vei Kyuu
Vei Kyuu
10 months ago

Lol he’s oozing with gong vibes xD I can’t wait to uncover their secrets xD

Thank you so much for the chapter!!!~ 🙇🙇🙇🙇🙇

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