Falling in love with the male god

Falling in love with the male god

Chapter 5 Personal Decoration

In another car in person, Lin Qin also saw the hot search and frowned tightly, a little guilty.

His agent Chu Hong reached out, grabbed his cell phone and ordered: “You haven’t slept much, it’s still a while before we reach your destination. Go to sleep for a while.”

Chu Hong was Lin Qin’s cousin. She usually followed Lin Qin everywhere because Lin Qin wasn’t used to other people following him around. Moreover Chu Hong was also very concerned about Lin Qin and could be said to be meticulous in her care of him.

Lin Qin sat upright, defending himself: “I already slept on the plane.”

Chu Hong sneered: “With movie emperor Meng sitting next to you, can you sleep?”

Speaking of movie emperor Meng, Lin Qin’s face turned scarlet red, but then he said with chagrin, “Cousin, do you think Senior Meng is mad at me?” Everyone online was saying he didn’t know what was good for him and he himself felt the same way, but at that time, he really couldn’t control himself.

“Dare I guess that you’re worried because you’re afraid Emperor Meng will be angry at you and not because of the comments online?” Chu Hong laughed. She had been afraid that the comments online would hurt Lin Qin, so she’d been careful not to let Lin Qin see, but she hadn’t expected that Lin Qin wouldn’t care.

Lin Qin lowered his eyes, twisting his fingers together. “They are right. It was my fault.”

“Nonsense!” Chu Hong couldn’t help but rage. What had happened with Lin Qin, wasn’t she clear on that? If she was asked, that movie emperor Meng was also at fault. Why did he get so close after meeting someone for the first time? He deserved to be pushed away by Lin Qin!

But Chu Hong didn’t dare say these words out loud. If she said anything bad about movie emperor Meng in front of Lin Qin, Lin Qin would definitely turned into a cat with unsheathed claws. Putting Lin Qin’s soft character aside, when someone stepped on his inverse scale, he would become unyieldingly tough.

And movie emperor Meng was his inverse scale.

Chu Hong sighed in her heart, then said soothingly: “Don’t mind it too much. Movie emperor Meng isn’t a small minded person. After getting out of the car apologize to him and this matter will be over.”

Lin Qin said okay with his mouth, but he wasn’t relieved at all. He really wanted to give himself a few slaps. It wasn’t easy to see Senior Meng and after meeting him, without saying a few words, he pushed him away. He didn’t know if he hated him now?

Along the way Lin Qin’s heart was perturbed. After finally reaching the shooting site, he dawdled in the car for a while before summoning up the courage to get off.

Not long after he got out of the car, he saw Meng Chao approaching him and Lin Qin’s nerves suddenly tightened.

Lin Qin:. “Se… Senior Meng.”

Meng Chao smiled, no ill feelings on his face, as if nothing had happened before. He extended an invitation to Lin Qin “Let’s go in together?”

Lin Qin hesitated. It took me a while before he got the courage to say, “Senior Meng, I’m sorry, I… I didn’t mean to push you away.” This short sentence made Lin Qin’s face go suffocatingly red.

Meng Chao pushed the glasses up on the bridge of his nose and smiled, “Lin Qin, why are you so cute?”

“Ah?” Lin Qin looked up at Meng Chao in confusion.

Meng Chao resisted the urge to rub Lin Qin’s soft hair and laughed: “Don’t worry, I know you didn’t mean to.”

Meng Chao’s expression was very sincere, and his eyes behind the lens stared straight at Lin Qin, making Lin Qin’s heart miss a beat. He avoided it by lowering his head and said, “Thank you, Senior Meng.”

“You’re welcome. Can you go in with me now?” Meng Chao invited Lin Qin again.

Lin Qin nodded, then fell back behind Meng Chao, looking at Meng Chao’s tall back with a silly smile.

Senior Meng is so nice. Lin Qin thought sweetly in his heart.

The location for this filming of ‘We Are Together’ was in a seaside villa in Marine City.

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11 months ago

Aw this is so cute! Thank you for translating.

9 months ago

Meng Chao is certainly nice. I hope the show crew and his fans won’t make things difficult for Lin Qin.
Thanks for the chapter!

7 months ago

I like this novel and all but since I’ve read a bunch of QT lin qin sounds very much like a white lotus… and i can’t help but wonder if it’s really possible to get that far in the industry and still stay that “pure”.

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