This evil one is from the Immortal Realm

This evil one is from the Immortal Realm

Chapter 34 The Remaining memories of the original owner

“Are you afraid of me?”

In the dark, Nie Nan Feng’s voice suddenly sounded.

“Big, big big… big brother, you… you’re not asleep yet?” Nie Xiao Jiu’s neck shrank and the hand holding the quilt also tightened.

“I’m awake.”


“Are you afraid of me?” Nie Nan Feng asked again.

“…” Nie Xiao Jiu found this question very difficult to answer.

He was really afraid, but if he said the truth, Nie Nan Feng would definitely be angry.

Say he wasn’t afraid? Uh…

Then wasn’t that saying, that in his heart, Nie Nan Feng wasn’t opposing and majestic?

This kind of question was a dead end no matter what he chose, so he didn’t answer it.

Because of his silence, the pressure in the air became dangerous, making Nie Xiao Jiu almost breathless.

“Cough, big brother, why did you suddenly return home?” Nie Xiao Jiu tried to change the subject.

The dangerous air dissipated instantly. Nie Xiao Jiu raising this subject obviously succeeded in diverting Nie Nan Feng’s attention.

After a long time, when Nie Xiao Jiu thought he wouldn’t answer his question, Nie Nan Feng’s voice sounded, “Didn’t you say you missed me?”


Nie Xiao Jiu secretly: I haven’t seen big brother for a long time, and he has unexpectedly learned how to joke.

In their last video call, he seemed to have said it casually, but… if his words could influence Nie Nan Feng’s decision, then that was good…

The next morning…

Ye Xuan Chen slowly opened his eyes and a trace of joy flashed in his dark eyes, the corners of his mouth also lifting up.

“I’ve finally succeed….”

With the rich spiritual aura in the jade necklace, he had finally succeeded in drawing aura into his body.

Because of this success, Ye Xuan Chen’s soul was more perfectly integrated with this body, and many impurities of the body were discharged, forming a faint layer of dirt which was attached to the surface of his body.

However, Ye Xuan Chen didn’t take a bath first, he sunk his consciousness into his sea of knowledge, looking for something.

In the chaotic sea of knowledge, a mysterious symbol floated up and down. Seeing this thing, Ye Xuan Chen was relieved.

At first, he had been afraid that the lightning that had Ling Tian’s soul origin would dissipate, so he had sealed it up in the depths of his soul with a secret method. Unless his soul disappeared, this lightning would never disappear.

It was just that he had only now drawn the aura, his cultivation wasn’t enough to open the seal.

But it didn’t matter. Even if he couldn’t open it, he just told himself that the person he met yesterday was the Ling Tian he was looking for. That kind of feeling couldn’t be wrong.

Just as he wanted to withdraw from his sea of knowledge, Ye Xuan Chen’s gaze was attracted by a dim gray light.

“This is… the memory of the original owner.”

Then the headache he had been feeling occasionally these days should have been caused by this residual memory.

If he didn’t refine it, it would be a hidden danger to him.

Without any hesitation, Ye Xuan Chen refined all the memories of the original owner…

After all, he wanted to live here now and refining his memories would be a great help to him in becoming familiar with this world.

An hour later, Ye Xuan Chen slowly let out a muddy breath, a little more than a glimmer of understanding as well as some complexity in his eyes.

The original owner was also called Ye Xuan Chen, a rich second generation kid, this he already knew.

And Gu Xue’er who he met the last time, was a girl the original owner liked and had done many stupid things for.

However, there was one stupid thing that made Ye Xuan Chen particularly comfortable. That was, although the original owner changed the girlfriends around him faster than he changed clothes, because of Gu Xue’er, he always guarded, his body, as if it were jade.

His private life wasn’t as messy as rumored.

Anyway, he had now taken over this body. If it was clean, he would be comfortable using it, right?

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1 year ago

Great novel

Vei Kyuu
Vei Kyuu
11 months ago

Eiiiiii why do i get incest vibe on the Nie siblings hahaha i sure do hope they aren’t real siblings or they are but it’s just platonic and not romantic kind of love hahaha
Thank you so much for the chapter!!~ 🙇🙇🙇🙇

11 months ago
Reply to  Vei Kyuu

Same feeling here TBH. Ever since the older brother appeared I felt the inc*st vibes from them.

Vei Kyuu
Vei Kyuu
11 months ago
Reply to  astridtoaigis

I hope not though hahahaha lez hope haha

Vei Kyuu
Vei Kyuu
11 months ago
Reply to  Lisa


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