This evil one is from the Immortal Realm

This evil one is from the Immortal Realm

Chapter 36 I promise to treat all of you equally

“Me?” Ye Xuan Chen pointed to himself in dismay. This situation was something the original owner had never experienced before, so he felt that Liang Kuan might have called the wrong person.

The classmates also looked at Ye Xuan Chen in surprise, even Nie Xiao Jiu woke up, rubbed his eyes and lifted his head from the table.

“Yes you.” Liang Kuan nodded, looking at Ye Xuan Chen with a look of anticipation.

Ye Xuan Chen was a little speechless. It seemed because he had messed with Liang Kuan paper yesterday, he wanted to teach him a lesson today.

“I’ll try.” Ye Xuan Chen stood up from his seat and headed towards the platform.

“Delay it first, I’ll find the answer for you.” Nie Xiao Jiu said in a voice that only the two could hear.

After saying this, he quietly took out his cell phone and while everyone’s eyes was on Ye Xuan Chen, hurriedly took a picture of the blackboard and sent it to Yun Mu Han.

Nie Xiao Jiu: [Very urgent, reply quickly!]

Yun Mu Han immediately sent back: [Immediately. ]

Within a few seconds, Yun Mu Han had sent the answer to him.

Nie Xiao Jiu looked up and saw that Ye Xuan Chen had already picked up the chalk, but his eyes weren’t looking over. Nie Xiao Jiu was anxious.

Ye Xuan Chen’s hands moved and brush, brush, brush, brush, a string of numbers were written on the blackboard.

Liang Kuan was stunned and there was an even impulse to wipe his tears.

Nie Xiao Jiu was also stunned, because Ye Xuan Chen’s answer, was unexpectedly the same as the one Yun Mu Han had sent.

“Mr. Liang?” Ye Xuan Chen frowned at the teary Liang Kuan. See if I’m right, I don’t know.

“Cough.” Liang Kuan returned to his senses with a smile on his face and pointed to the question next to him, “Come, try this one too.”


Two minutes later, Ye Xuan Chen put down the chalk in his hand, and answers to all the remaining questions on the blackboard had been written by him.

Liang Kuan grinned from ear to ear and the class also started whispering.

“Class head. Are young master Ye’s answers correct?” Someone whispered.

A fatty with black-rimmed glasses looked intently at the blackboard and nodded: “All correct.”

The students around immediately fired up.

“Mr. Liang, can I go down?” Ye Xuan Chen stared at Liang Kuan, the expression on his face not good.

Liang Kuan smiled wide and nodded, almost sending him back to his seat in person.

After Ye Xuan Chen sat down, Liang Kuan cleared his throat: “Cough… everyone give a warm round of applause to classmate Ye Xuan Chen.”

There was a burst of applause in the classroom.

After explaining a few questions on the blackboard, he didn’t forget to praise Ye Xuan Chen at the same time. Although these questions weren’t the most difficult, but for Ye Xuan Chen who had never passed a math test and sometimes also handed in a blank test, this was simply a miracle.

Finally, Liang Kuan said with remorse:

“In the past, it was due to my dereliction of duty, paying too little attention to individual students, which led to some students’ poor grades. The performance of student Ye Xuan Chen today, can be regarded as a lesson for me, after this, I promise to treat all of you equally…

When Liang Kuan said this sentence, words full of self-reproach and guilt, the faces of the students became like bitter gourds that very second.

Teacher, please don’t ‘group us all together’, this brood just wants to stay in ‘limbo’…


A cloud of sorrow descended on senior class C, but when the bell of rang, it was like the sound of nature, resurrecting the whole class.

“Damn, did you bring any high-tech? Show me.”

As soon as Liang Kuan left, Nie Xiao Jiu rushed to Ye Xuan Chen and reached out to pat Ye Xuan Chen’s clothes to see if there was any hidden thing.

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10 months ago

Pls update on novelupdate, plssssss.thanks

Vei Kyuu
Vei Kyuu
10 months ago

Lol the look of a redeemed teacher xD

Thank you so much for the chapter!!!~ 🙇🙇🙇🙇🙇

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