Falling in love with the male god

Falling in love with the male god

Chapter 7 Warm sparks

Lin Qin was a little puzzled by Meng Chao’s question, looking at Meng Chao with a little confusion.

Meng Chao asked again, “What about you? What style of decoration do you like?”

Lin Qin replied cutely: “As long as Senior Meng likes it, it’s good.”

Meng Chao didn’t agree, “This is our home that we will live in for the next few months. Since we are going to decorate together, we have to integrate both our efforts into it. If my input is taken into account, then yours must also be taken into account.”

Lin Qin’s face turned red again. He could even hear the sound of his heart beating, banging in his eardrum. It made him look at Meng Chao in a daze, forgetting his words for a moment.

This scene gave Lin Qin a sense of shyness, as if he was designing his wedding room with Meng Chao.

When Meng Chao saw that Lin Qin didn’t answer, he said, “It doesn’t matter, boldly say the style you want. Am I such an unreasonable person?”

“No… no.” It was as if Lin Qin woke up from a dream, quickly denying it, then he said with a red face, “Warm.”

“Warm?” Meng Chao asked, “It’s too general. How warm do you want it to be?”

Lin Qin thought slightly for a while, then word for word, said firmly, “As long as I can design it for Senior and Senior is satisfied with it, that is the kind of warmth I want.”

Lin Qin spoke the words in his heart courageously. This was what he had buried in his heart for several years, starting from the time he had entered university, to the time he started studying interior design.

Meng Chao was speechless for a moment, but felt that the position where his heart was seemed to have been injected with a warm current, warming up his whole body up.

Perhaps this was the warmth he wanted?


The design draft came out quickly. Because the program crew hadn’t given much funding, Lin Qin didn’t make the designs much more complicated, using some sparse and ordinary raw materials.

Because of the limited time and funding, the two finally agreed that they didn’t need to decorate the whole house at once. First, they would get the furniture and supplies necessary for daily life, the others could be done slowly.

It was impossible for the program crew to give funds for it only once, right?

After a discussion, the two went straight to the hardware store nearby. As they bought the items, their goals were clear, and cooperating with a tacit understanding, they didn’t hesitate to not buy any good-looking furniture that wouldn’t last.

The director and deputy director saw all this from behind lenses and the deputy director couldn’t help but say, “Should we arrange for some differences between them? So clear and light, when the clip comes out it won’t be interesting at all.”

The director has a different opinion. “Don’t you see that? There’s already a spark between Lin Qin and Meng Chao.”

The speed of the sparks between the two was beyond the director’s expectations. The reason why they had set up this joint decoration of the villa task was to use the communication and collaboration of this task to create a run-in between the two. But now it seemed that the two people didn’t need a run-in. Standing together already made him see the sparks.

The deputy director stared at the monitor for a long time but still couldn’t see anything. The director reluctantly transferred the video of when the two were communicating on how to design the villa to him.

During that time, the deputy director had been on his way and hadn’t seen it. After watching the video, he suddenly saw it.

“I had thought that Lin Qin being so quiet wouldn’t be suitable and was afraid that it would only be a hot shot for movie emperor Meng. Now it seems that it’s not unreasonable for Lin Qin to take on the title as film emperor. Such words and expressions, when it is broadcast, it would definitely be the bursting factor.” The deputy director said happily. They were shooting a love reality show, wasn’t it so that the guests would feel a false sense of love between the cp? Only then would the audience buy it.

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They’re like an harmonious married couple!

Thanks for the chapter!

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