This evil one is from the Immortal Realm

This evil one is from the Immortal Realm

Chapter 39 Tang Nian Bai

“Senior Ling. Thank you for letting us sit here.” Su Han’s little face flushed, looking at Ling Tian gratefully.

“…” Tang Nian Bai pushed his heavy black-rimmed glasses up. Wasn’t he the one who had agreed just now…

“Of course. Thank you too.” Su Han seemed to notice Tang Nian Bai on the side.

“No… no need. This place was vacant anyway.” Tang Nian Bai’s face turned red, eyes not daring to stare at Su Han.

Su Han’s eyes stared at the position next to Ling Tian, her heart jumping, but just as she stepped forward, a long leg appeared in her sight, and Ye Xuan Chen sat down next to Ling Tian first.

“What are you doing? Sit down.” Ye Xuan Chen looked innocently at Su Han who had been blocked.

Ling Tian turned his face, a glimmer of cold light flashed under the lens as he looked at Ye Xuan Chen who was sitting on the bench with him.

Seeing that she had lost the opportunity to sit on the same bench with her male god, Su Han scolded Ye Xuan Chen darkly in her heart, then looked at the empty seat on the right side of Ling Tian. In fact, sitting next to him wasn’t bad…

However, Nie Xiao Jiu moved his legs and sat directly on the seat and even placed one of his feet on the bench, obviously meaning that he would sit alone.

Ka cha…

Su Han who was blocked once by Ye Xuan Chen’s whole body broke like glass. Wu wu… you two big bad guys.

Yun Mu Han pulled back a bench and pulled Su Han to sit next to him, “What are you doing standing there stiff for, drool is about to flow out.” Shameful.

“Ah?! It’s… it’s not!” Su Han wiped her mouth flusteredly, but found that there was no so-called drool. She couldn’t help but glare at Yun Mu Han angrily.

Yun Mu Han: “In front of your male god, pay attention to your image as a lady.”

“…” Su Han’s face froze, remembering that her male god was still here and immediately sat down upright obediently.

Ling Tian and Tang Nian Bai seemed to have been discussing something and the arrival of Ye Xuan Chen and his group seemed to have interrupted them. Tang Nian Bai sat there shyly, holding a cup of water, constantly drinking from it. Ling Tian also stared expressionlessly at the table with dark eyes, nobody knew what he was thinking.

Being pulled to eat chaos, Yun Mu Han and Nie Xiao Jiu were obviously disinterested. They both simply bowed their heads to play with their cell phones, while a smile hang at the corners of Ye Xuan Chen lips, seeming to be in a good mood.

Su Han felt that it wasn’t easy to get the opportunity to get so close to her male god and felt she must find a topic, so Su Han looked sideways at Ling Tian, trying to attract Ling Tian’s eyes so she would be able to talk to him….

However, what striked Su Han hard was that Ling Tian, completely, didn’t, look at, her.


In order to ease the embarrassment of being ignored, Su Han scratched her hair and turned to look at Tang Nian Bai, who was drinking water. “This classmate, are you also in Far Higher School, you look familiar?”

“Um, sort of…” Tang Nian Bai nodded shyly. He sometimes went to work in the cafeteria.

Su Han smiled happily: “Me too!l.”

Tang Nian Bai nodded again, “I know.”

Ye Xuan Chen, Nie Xiao Jiu, and Yun Mu Han, these three people often occupied the headlines of campus forums, it would be a little difficult if he didn’t want to know them.

“Oh. What year are you in? I just became a freshman this year.” Su Han continued to ask. She intended to wait for Tang Nian Bai to answer, then ask what his relationship with male god Ling Tian was, she was simply too witty, perfect.

“Cough… cough.”

Who knew when Tang Nian Bai heard Su Han’s words, he choked immediately, the look on his face even more awkward as he explained embarrassingly: “I… I’m a sophomore.”

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Vei Kyuu
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