This evil one is from the Immortal Realm

This evil one is from the Immortal Realm

Chapter 40 Seen enough?

“Then you… ah? What? You’re a sophomore???” Su Han’s voice stopped for a while, unable to believe it: “Really?”

Because of Tang Nian Bai’s appearance, others would think he was almost the same age as Su Han. Even if someone said that he was a junior high school student, afraid some people would believe it. He really didn’t look like a sophomore.

Apart from Ling Tian, the others also looked over.

Being looked at by so many people, Tang Nian Bai was a little embarrassed, nodding shyly: “Really. I’m a sophomore, it’s just because I skipped a few times…” So many people will misunderstand that he was still in high school.

“Oh… So you’re also a se… nior, then your grades must be good.” Su Han smiled awkwardly.

Even jumped a few times…

Tang Nian Bai said a little embarrassedly, “It’s okay, if you feel awkward, just call me Tang Nian Bai.”

“Tang Nian Bai, then call me Su Han.” Miss Yun wasn’t polite at all, saying refreshingly.

Su Han said very familiarly: “Tang Nian Bai, you are such a shy, shy boy, to be honest, you’re really rare…”

“….” Tang Nian Bai’s face flushed even more, and for a moment he didn’t know how to reply.

At this moment, the lady boss brought six bowls of chaos over and smiled a little apologetically: “Sorry, there are a lot of people, so I made you wait.”

“It doesn’t matter.” Su Han shook her head politely, “We are not in a hurry.”

“Come, Senior Ling.” Ye Xuan Chen smiled and put a bowl of chaos without green onions in front of Ling Tian.

There was a glimmer of light in Ling Tian’s eyes, but he didn’t say much.

Tang Nian Bai was a little surprised. He and Ling Tian had arrived first, so he knew that Ling Tian didn’t like green onions in his chaos, but how did Ye Xuan Chen know. Was it a coincidence?

“It looks like it’s not bad.” Nie Xiao Jiu licked his lips, lowered his phone, and took his chopsticks, ready to start.

“Um… delicious.” Su Han kept stamping her feet, really explosively delicious.

Tang Nian Bai smiled: “Of course, this chaos shop has been open for ten years, and the business has always been so good.”

Good quality and cheap, perfect for him.

“Do you come here often?” Su Han asked curiously.

Tang Nian Bai nodded, a little embarrassed as he said, “It’s cheaper here…” In this city of soaring prices, one really couldn’t find a second, cheaper shop other than this chaos shop.

“Does Senior Ling come here often?” Su Han immediately looked at Ling Tian with bright eyes.

Wow… the male god was still a male god, even eating chaos, all his movement revealed a sense of nobleness, elegance, and inherent indifference…

However, such an unattainable Ling Tian made Su Han instantly understand one thing. The male god may not answer her or directly ignore her…

Whimper ~ (〒_〒) ~ don’t okay? I’ll be so humiliated.

“The first time.”

Perhaps because Su Han’s eyes were too eager, Ling Tian lightly spat out three words.

“What a coincidence!” Ye Xuan Chen suddenly tilted his head to look at Ling Tian, saying in a very happy tone: “This is my first time here too!”

Ling Tian frowned. He knew that Ye Xuan Chen was talking about chaos, but did he have to smile like this… did he want a beating?

If it wasn’t for the occasion, Su Han really wanted to slap Ye Xuan Chen’s face. It’s also my first eating chaos here. Do you have to say the same as your sister?

Being interrupted by Ye Xuan Chen this time, the atmosphere around the table was a little weird and Su Han couldn’t find the topic for a while, so she could bow her head silently to eat, looking at Ling Tian quietly from time to time.

Male god is so handsome, chaos is so delicious…

“Have you seen enough?”

Ling Tian put down his chopsticks, his expression indifferent, voice cold as always.

Su Han’s movement froze, finished. Her male god found out that she was peeking.

She was about to apologize, when she heard Ye Xuan Chen chuckling: “Seen enough…”

Ye Xuan Chen’s words successfully made Ling Tian look at him.

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10 months ago

So funny.pls update soon

10 months ago

Haha – Interested how long it will take, until those two will be able to see eye to eye. or rather: interested to see, how it will take for LT to not see YXC as an enemy any more xD

And aww, YXC remembered his hubbies preferences :3

Thank you for the chapter and stay healthy ^-^

Vei Kyuu
Vei Kyuu
10 months ago

Hahaha shame! Sshhhaaammmeeee!! But really, YXC is just so sweet, I wonder which is he– ufufufu

Thank you so much for the chapter!!!~ 🙇🙇🙇🙇🙇

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