This evil one is from the Immortal Realm

This evil one is from the Immortal Realm

Chapter 41 Sis, brother will stand by

“Senior Ling, do you plan on looking as well, eh?” Ye Xuan Chen automatically ignored the coldness and disgust in Ling Tian’s eyes, putting a bite of chaos in his mouth, showing a satisfied smile: “It tastes really good.”

“Hmph.” Ling Tian sent out a single sound from his nostrils and took his gaze back. For this kind of rich second generation kid who only squandered his parents’ money and relied on the power of his family to make a fortune, the more he looked, the more he felt sick.

Ling Tian took a paper towel, wiped his mouth, stood up and said lightly, “I’m leaving first.”

He said this to Tang Nian Bai.

“Oh.” Tang Nian Bai hadn’t finished eating, so he could only nod.

From the moment Ling Tian got up till the moment he left the chaos store, he didn’t looked at anyone else.

The lady boss looked at Ling Tian’s back, hesitated, then whispered to her husband: “Wasn’t that guy with them? He didn’t pay.”

The boss of the chaos shop: “It doesn’t matter, they probably know him…”

Ye Xuan Chen didn’t take his gaze back until Ling Tian disappeared from sight, all sorts of emotion in his heart: He really hasn’t changed at all…

“Hey. What did you do to my male god? How come he is so angry?”

As soon as Ling Tian left, Su Han changed immediately, staring fiercely at Ye Xuan Chen.

At the same time, Nie Xiao Jiu looked up, saying with disdain, “Little fatty, how could you tell from that ice cube’s face that he was angry?”

From the time they had come in till the time he left, Ling Tian’s expression had always looked the same.

“Hmph, of course I know.” Su Han’s small face went up, her expression very arrogant.

“Wait… you, who, are, you, calling little fatty!”

Nie Xiao Jiu said innocently: “You.”

“You…” Su Han’s small face flushed.

Yun Mu Han poked Su Han’s arm with his hand and made a gesture under the table.

Su Han’s eyes brightened, and she said to Nie Xiao Jiu: “What’s wrong with being a little fatty? Princess Jiu, how does that concern you?”

“Puff…” Tang Nian Bai spat out a mouthful of soup.

Nie Xiao Jiu’s face became gloomy. Because he looked a little bit like a mixed race when he was small and his character and appearance was cute, many people used to think of him as a girl.

However, after mixing in with Ye Xuan Chen and the rest, and learning a lot of thuggish things at school, the name ‘Princess Jiu’ was hardly heard again.

Now that Su Han mentioned it, it immediately made Nie Xiao Jiu think of this previous ‘shame’.

“Cough.” Yun Mu Han coughed in a timely manner, blaming Su Han: “Sis, how can you call young master Nie that? He’s a boy.”

“Oh… I see.” Su Han nodded obediently, looking like she had been educated.

Nie Xiao Jiu’s face was black, his eyes seeming to want to strip Yun Mu Han of his life. “Yun Mu Han! You…” traitor!

Yun Mu Han shrugged innocently. This was his sister, brotherhood had to temporarily take the back seat.

Tang Nian Bai who had embarrassed himself by spraying the soup wiped the mess with a paper towel, his face suffocatingly red, wanting to laugh but not daring to.

“You think it’s funny?” Nie Xiao Jiu’s cool eyes looked at him.

Tang Nian Bai: “…”

“Hmph.” Nie Xiao Jiu snorted coldly: “If you dare spread these words, I will make bear all the consequences.”

“Oh.” Tang Nian Bai nodded, shrinking his neck back in fear.

Su Han saw that Tang Nian Bai seemed to be really scared and immediately hit the table, glaring at Nie Xiao Jiu: “No bullying is allowed.”

She said to Tang Nian Bai: “Tang Nian Bai, don’t be afraid. Nie Xiao Jiu won’t dare do anything to you.”

As Su Han said this, she patted Tang Nian Bai on the shoulder arrogantly.

“Thank you…” Tang Nian Bai’s face turned red. This seemed to be the first time he had come in close contact with a girl.

Black lines appeared on Nie Xiao Jiu’s face. Can this little girl not interrupt every time? Doing this he didn’t have face left ok?

Yun Mu Han rubbed his forehead. Sis, do you know how to write the word ‘lady’?

Ye Xuan Chen: I’ll just smile and not speak….

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10 months ago

Hahaha!!! Thanks for the work.plss update more chapter

10 months ago

Hahaha – LT just leaves and the others revert to kindergarten children, I mean ‘Princess Jiu’ – you’ve had it hard, huh? xD
‘I’ll just smile and not speak….’ – good choice YXC!

Thanks again for the chapter and stay healthy ~

10 months ago

Thanks for the chapter ^_^

Vei Kyuu
Vei Kyuu
10 months ago

Aawww TNB has such a cute nickname.. aaahh~ i wanna see a fanart for them they’re all so cute deym haha

Thank you so much for the chapter!!!~ 🙇🙇🙇🙇🙇

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