Falling in love with the male god

Falling in love with the male god

Chapter 10 My boy

Meng Chao had never protected anyone on Weibo before, even his company’s artists, this was the first time he was standing up to protect Lin Qin. With Meng Chao’s current status, there was no need to look at anyone’s face or give anyone face.

Most of Meng Chao’s fans were rational fans. Through analysis of Meng Chao’s Weibo post, they estimated that yesterday’s video had been taken out of context. Besides, how could a low-key actor who didn’t even go to the Cannes Film Festival to receive an award himself, create such a hype?

With Meng Chao’s Weibo post, which seemed to be more powerful than a positive response, all the dirty water that had been splashed on Lin Qin’s body yesterday was finally washed away.

Of course, there were still some black sunspots bouncing around, but it had no effect.

And with this wave of hot searches, Lin Qin actually walked from behind the scenes to the stage. The movies he had starred in were also brought out. Excellent acting skills, high scores and low-key personality. All of a sudden Lin Qin attracted a big wave fans.

Among them, a wave of fans temporarily called the cults emerged–

[Did I see daddy Meng use ‘my boy’? What a high power doting tone ah ah ah, I suddenly find this cp really cute, are you two together?]

[Yes yes yes! Elegant and suave movie emperor attack VS soft cute low-key child, I stan this cp!!!]

At the same time, while Lin Qin was changing, he got a notification on his cell phone, which was a special notification from Weibo.

His Weibo only focused on one person, that was, Meng Chao.

He immediately clicked open the Weibo and when he saw the content of the post, Lin Qin was stunned.

He pressed his cell phone against his chest, his heart beating wildly, brewing with the sweetest nectar, his whole person becoming sweet.

My boy.

Ah, ah, ah, really shy.

When Lin Qin went downstairs, his face was still red with excitement. The words my boy were like a magic spell, which kept flashing in Lin Qin’s heart, producing the most fragrant of flowers.

After walking down the stairs, he looked up and saw Meng Chao half leaning on the sofa, looking at him.

Because they had to decorate today, Meng Chao’s attire was more casual today. However his loose style of khaki casual trousers couldn’t conceal the pair of straight and long legs that Meng Chao had crossed. The white t-shirt also had the same loose style. Right at this moment the sun streamed in and the t-shirt looked a little transparent and a lean waist could be seen vaguely.

He wasn’t wearing glasses today hence his deep eyebrows were completely revealed, a little less elegant and a lot more reckless and unrestrained.

The sun was just right, bathing Meng Chao in a layer of brilliance, even more dazzling than the sun.

“What’s wrong?” Meng Chao saw Lin Qin staring at him blankly, moved his long legs and walked to Lin Qin’s side. “Is it that I’m too good-looking?”

Meng Chao wasn’t modest at all, his eyes fixed on Lin Qin, a smile in his eyes, eyes moving unbridled across Lin Qin’s face.

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11 months ago

Mc in his heart: Yes yes good looking.
My man is the most handsome
Thank you for an update

8 months ago

Thank you so much for the translation

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