This evil one is from the Immortal Realm

This evil one is from the Immortal Realm

Chapter 43 Yang Yi Fan

Ye Xuan Chen looked to the middle of the court and saw a group of fair-faced, handsome boys looking at them with smiles on their faces.

“Shit! Yang Yi Fan do you want to die?” Nie Xiao Jiu was immediately angry when he saw him.

Yang Yi Fan walked over, placed his foot on the basketball on the ground and said apologetically, “Young master Ye, I’m really sorry, my hand slipped…”

“Slipped?” Ye Xuan Chen narrowed his eyes. The ball just now had obviously been intentional. Did he think he was a fool or was he the fool?

But Ye Xuan Chen had already refined the memories of the original owner and now understood many things that he hadn’t known before.

Yang Yi Fan, the sixth master of the Yang Group, had a family background on the same level as the Ye’s and the others.

However, because of Yang Yi Fan’s good looks and grades, he was the prince charming of many girls in the school.

However, he was the enemy of Ye Xuan Chen and the others. One of the reason was because of their families, and the other was because they didn’t see eye to eye.

Using the words of Nie Xiao Jiu, the people of the Yang family were all wolves in sheep clothing. On the surface, they looked amiable, but in fact, what they did in private was even worse than them, even dirty.

Just like the last time, because of the Yang’s background in the underworld, they had wanted to swallow that piece of land alone. The Yun Group and the Ye Group had been unable to bear it and finally joined hands.

Otherwise, Long Ge wouldn’t have, for no reason, set his eyes on Ye Xuan Chen. Although in the end he had finally put him in his place.

To be honest, Ye Xuan Chen felt that a person like Yang Yi Fan who could endure and who could camouflage himself well, was much stronger than the original owner.

This was indeed the case, because from childhood to adulthood, Ye Xuan Chen had suffered countless losses in the hands of Yang Yi Fan, each time being fooled by them with daggers in their smiles, but he didn’t realize it. He even felt that he was very cool…

Today that Yang Yi Fan came to provoke them, afraid it was for that night, for Long Ge’s 50 million.

Facing the different eyes of several people, Yang Yi Fan still had a polite and apologetic smile on his face. “Yes, my hand slipped.”

“Then let me see if your fighting skills is slippery….” Nie Xiao Jiu kicked the skateboard under his feet to the side, moving to fight with Yang Yi Fan.

Yun Mu Han also threw the bag on his shoulder to Su Han, ready to fight.

“Ai…” Ye Xuan Chen grabbed the two with a smile, saying: “He said his basketball skills are bad so his hand slipped, what are you being angry for.”

Then Ye Xuan Chen smiled at Yang Yi Fan, “Young master Yang, although it’s a well known fact that you are a poor player, but to be able to still bring such bad skill to the court, I admire your courage.”

“You….” The expression on Yang Yi Fan’s face stiffened, a shade of gloom flashing in his eyes.

He originally thought Ye Xuan Chen would be the first to fight, but not only did he stop the other two, he also smilingly said such an irritating thing.

Nie Xiao Jiu and Yun Mu Han were originally a little upset that Ye Xuan Chen had pulled them back, but hearing him saying such bullet filled words to Yang Yi Fan, they immediately became happy.

Nie Xiao Jiu said with a lollipop in his mouth “Yeah, such rotten skills, aren’t you ashamed bringing them out?”

“It’s good you encountered us, if you had encountered an old lady, maybe you would have had to pay the medical expenses.” Yun Mu Han immediately followed up.

“Young master Nie, young master Yun, it sounds like you guys are amazing?”

As soon as the voices of the two fell, a person immediately came out from behind Yang Yi Fan, a small smile hanging at the corners of his mouth.

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Vei Kyuu
Vei Kyuu
10 months ago

Oooohhh who is that? Hahaha

Thank you so much for the chapter!!!~ 🙇🙇🙇🙇🙇

10 months ago

Another one bites the dust ~
Well, that escalated quickly. I have no clue, who that person is – my only guess is that person from the casino who lost his money (forgot his name).

Whatever the case may be: Love YXC skills with his words. What a poisonous mouth ;p

Thank you for the chapters ^-^

10 months ago

Fuck those suckers!!!! Thx for the awesome chapter.pls update more chapters

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