This evil one is from the Immortal Realm

This evil one is from the Immortal Realm

Chapter 45 Counterattack × 99 +

When Yang Yi Fan saw the smile on his face his heart jumped, a bad feeling rising up but before he had time to react, Ye Xuan Chen threw the basketball in his hand with force…

The basketball hit the backboard directly, not making the shot. Yang Yi Fan was happy, he had finally missed one.

But soon he couldn’t continue on in his joy, because as the basketball bounced back, the target was exactly his direction…

At the same time, Ye Xuan Chen said anxiously: “Young master Yang, don’t be dazed, quickly avoid…”


As soon as Ye Xuan Chen’s words fell, the basketball hit Yang Yi Fan’s face, the impact sending him directly to the ground.

Xu Ping was shocked, then immediately went to help him up.

Yang Yi Fan became dizzy after being hit by this ball. After being lifted up for a long time, he still hadn’t snapped back to his sense yet.


Yang Yi Fan covered his forehead and touching the big swollen bag, painful tears almost flowed out.

“Young master Ye, aren’t you going overboard!?” Xu Ping looked at Ye Xuan Chen angrily.

Ye Xuan Chen blinked innocently, spreading his hands, “I didn’t mean to and I even reminded him in the end. He stood there foolishly. I couldn’t have gone there to help him block the blow right?”

“You…” After hearing this, Yang Yi Fan looked at Ye Xuan Chen murderously, his fists clenched tightly. This waste clearly did it on purpose!

Although he didn’t know why Ye Xuan Chen was able to calculate so accurately.

Moreover when he had finally been alerted, it was clearly too late.

“Xuan Chen is right. He reminded you, but you were still standing there stupidly, you want to blame others now?”

Nie Xiao Jiu who had just recovered from his sluggish state, immediately spoke up for Ye Xuan Chen.

Although he also felt that Ye Xuan Chen did it intentionally, it was very cool, after all, the one hurting wasn’t them.

After Yun Mu Han returned to his senses, he also said, “That’s right, you didn’t dodge, who are you blaming!” Although he was sympathetic, he still wanted to laugh…

Yang Yi Fan clenched his fists, glaring at Ye Xuan Chen. “Young master Ye is really skilled.”

Yang Long was right, Ye Xuan Chen was a little different from before.

“Young master Yang, that’s an undeserved compliment.” Ye Xuan Chen smiled, looked at the big bag on his forehead with great satisfaction as he suggested, “Don’t you want to deal with your forehead?”

“…” Yang Yi Fan’s look turned colder, however his forehead was really hurting. After glancing coldly at them, he said to Xu Ping: “Let’s go.”

This revenge, he would surely pay it back…

“Ha ha ha ha…. too funny! Doesn’t he look like an elderly person whose birthday is being celebrated?” Nie Xiao Jiu covered his stomach, rocking back and forth as he laughed.

“Puff…” Yun Mu Han also started laughing. “Now that you mention it, he really does look like one… puff. Exactly like one… ha ha.”

Su Han came over from the crowd, staring at Ye Xuan Chen with admiration, her big watery eyes full of beautiful little stars, “Wow. Chen Ge, you were so handsome just now.”

Su Han’s eyes were very beautiful, it looked like there was a sea of stars inside, reminding Ye Xuan Chen of Gu Yue…

He didn’t know how that girl was now.

In this life, except for Ling Tian, the person he cared about the most was Gu Yue, the one he wanted to protect from childhood to this age.

Outside the basketball court, many female onlookers looked at Ye Xuan Chen with crazy eyes. Why didn’t they know that young master Ye was so handsome before.

Yun Mu Han slapped his hand on Su Han’s head, “Can you not look at him with such googly eyes? Can’t you show a little bit of promise?”

Aren’t you tired from looking at handsome faces from your childhood to adulthood?

“Hmph! What I’m looking at is his intrinsic quality.” Su Han hummed.

Ye Xuan Chen: “…” Little girl, when you say this I’m a little bit….

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11 months ago

So much face-slapping in the chapter – how fun! Even though YXC managed to face-slap himself in the last chapter. I kinda imagined the scene like a conveyor-belt? How nice the faces of Yang Yi’s group must have been. And this chapter it just kept getting better!

‘In your face’ is quite literally what happened in this chapter. In both senses of this phrase – Ye Xuan Chen sure knows how to play.
Xu Ping sure is hypocritical – the man he follows did the same thing, yet YXC is going overboard? This is cannon-fodder mentality. But well, I think all the enemies we’ve met ’til now in this series were the hypocritical type?

At least it’s nice to see how YMH and NXJ support their friend, even when they don’t always believe in him in the beginning. At NXJ’s comment of YYF looking like an elderly person I had to laugh, that is one hilarious mental picture~

And we finally find out a bit more about YXC’s past! So there was a little sister-type person? The question is: did she die? And then Su Han has to destroy it with her comments – you go, girl, you go.

Thank you for the chapters – I wish you a fulfilling weekend and for you to stay healthy and happy ^-^

Vei Kyuu
Vei Kyuu
11 months ago

Hehe nice one YXC .. now I’m curious who that Gu Tian is.. huehue

Thank you so much for the chapter!!!~ 🙇🙇🙇🙇🙇

11 months ago

Such huge counter attack++ was awesome,”go!!go!! YXC😂
Thanks for the awesome chapters and pls update😘

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