This evil one is from the Immortal Realm

This evil one is from the Immortal Realm

Chapter 46 Didn’t like him

They had just come out of the school gate when Nie Xiao Jiu’s cell phone rang. Taking out his cell phone, he was shocked after seeing the caller ID. He quickly picked it up.

“I’m opposite you.” Nie Nan Feng’s cold voice came from the other side of the phone.

“Ah?” Nie Xiao Jiu immediately looked up and saw a black car on the opposite side, it was none other than one of their family’s car.

On the other end, Nie Nan Feng hung up, and a busy tone came from Nie Xiao Jiu’s cell phone.

“Who called? Why is your expression so frightened?” Yun Mu Han asked curiously.

Nie Xiao Jiu looked uncertainly at the black car on the opposite side and said, “It seems my big brother came to pick me up.”

They turned to look across the road and the window of the black car rolled down. Nie Nan Feng’s face appeared in their sight. His eyes fell on Nie Xiao Jiu, “Get in the car.”

“Oh.” Nie Xiao Jiu gently stepped on the skateboard under his feet and caught the other end in his hand. He waved to Ye Xuan Chen and the Yun siblings: “Bye, see you tomorrow…”

After waving, Nie Xiao Jiu slipped into the car…

Looking at the black car moving away, Yun Mu Han’s head which had been held high went down. “Hu… I feel like I’ve walked away from the guillotine.”

Even though Nie Nan Feng had been sitting in the car and didn’t look at them all through the process, the strong aura still made people breathless.

Turning his head to see Ye Xuan Chen’s expression of complacency and indolence, Yun Mu Han asked, “Weren’t you the most afraid of big brother Nie before?”

“Was I?” Ye Xuan Chen shrugged. He was a strong man who had experienced all kinds of bloody storms and countless killings. If he was afraid of an ordinary person, then he wasn’t Ye Xuan Chen.

Yun Mu Han nodded, “Yes.”

And it was the type that he hid far away every time he saw him.

Ye Xuan Chen thought for a moment, then suddenly said, “That was before.”

It seems on the first day of school, the original owner had snatched the lollipop from Nie Xiao Jiu’s mouth and it was seen by Nie Nan Feng. As a result, Nie Nan Feng didn’t like him.

And Ye Xuan Chen had been really afraid of Nie Nan Feng. Since then, he had never snatched Nie Xiao Jiu’s lollipop again.

Thinking that the original owner had ‘eaten’ Nie Xiao Jiu’s saliva, Ye Xuan Chen felt a chill and waved to Yun Mu Han: “I’m leaving.”

He just wanted to brush his teeth now….

Yun Mu Han looked at him with disdain, sure enough, he only acted cool for three seconds.

In the car, after Nie Xiao Jiu put his skateboard and schoolbag away and looked puzzledly at the driving Nie Nan Feng: “Big brother, did you specifically come to pick me up?”

The Nie house was close to the school, but he didn’t like riding in a car, so he usually skated home.

Nie Nan Feng: “It was on the way.”

“Oh…” Nie Xiao Jiu nodded. Sure enough, it was he who had thought too much. Big brother was so busy, how could he specially come to pick him up.

“Young master, how are you feeling today?” The housekeeper asked about Ye Xuan Chen’s condition today as he drove.

This was the task given to him that he must report to Cheng Yalin every day. After all, it had been such a serious car accident. Cheng Yalin was very worried about the psychological shadow it would leave on Ye Xuan Chen, so even if she was on a business trip, she made the housekeeper ask about his health every day.

Ye Xuan Chen’s head was in his hands as he looked at the rushing scenery outside. After hearing the words of the housekeeper, he said lazily, “Super good.”

“Oh, young master Zi Cheng said he was a bit uneasy about you, so he wants to take you to the hospital for a checkup….” The housekeeper said hesitantly.

Previously Ye Xuan Chen didn’t like Ye Zi Cheng…

“Ye Zi Cheng?” Thinking of the man he had seen the last time in the garden, Ye Xuan Chen narrowed his eyes.

That guy was afraid of him recovering his memories.

“I won’t go.”

The housekeeper said a little bit awkwardly: “This is something master and madam also want…”

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Vei Kyuu
Vei Kyuu
10 months ago

Lol he had his saliva.. haha what a description xD aiiyaaa Zi Cheng might have something to do with his accident D:

Thank you so much for the chapter!!~ 🙇🙇🙇🙇

10 months ago

Thanks for the awesome chapters.eww!!saliva of NXJ🤮. It’s getting interesting.pls try to update more chapters on Time

10 months ago

Haha, someone is scheming again – and this time it comes from up close. Just shows that you can’t always trust those, that call themselves ‘family’. At least in novels. Happy to see, how YXC is going to deal with this :3

You wrote, that the little girl who was mentioned in the last chapter has her own novel? What is it called?

Thank you for the chapter, stay healthy and happy ~

10 months ago

HAHAHA seems like nie dage was mad because of an indirect kiss

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