Falling in love with the male god

Falling in love with the male god

Chapter 14 Weibo interaction

When Lin Qin was typing the post Meng Chao was looking from the side and seeing that Lin Qin hadn’t posted one for a long time, Meng Chao didn’t urge him to hurry up, he just waited.

Now he saw that Lin Qin had finally reposted his Weibo, but it was just these simple four words. Meng Chao looked at Lin Qin’s eyes that were glowing with excitement and then looked back at the four words ‘Thank you Senior Meng’, only to feel that these ordinary four words were leaping in front of his eyes at this moment.

Really a cute little guy, saying one thing with his lips, but saying something else with his eyes.

Meng Chao laughed lowly.

Lin Qin heard Meng Chao’s laughter and looked carefully at Meng Chao. Was there anything wrong with the post he had sent?

Seeing Lin Qin’s doubts, Meng Chao pretended to be disappointed, “Do you see me as an outsider like this?”

Thank you Senior Meng, these four words. Compared with his this is my boy, this was really regarding him as an outsider wasn’t it?

“I…” Lin Qin opened his mouth. He didn’t dare say he was familiar with him. Regarding all things related to Meng Chao, he had always restrained himself carefully, deeply afraid of offending Meng Chao, causing him to be unhappy.

“Call me Ge for me to hear.” Meng Chao didn’t wait for Lin Qin to respond, taking the initiative to attack.

Lin Qin looked at the Meng Chao who was also looking at him with a smile on his lips. In addition to the teasing in his eyes, there was also gentleness and encouragement.

Lin Qin didn’t know where the courage came from. He closed his eyes and called: “Meng Chao Ge.”

“Mm.” Meng Chao responded crisply, “Is your Meng Chao Ge so terrible? Even closing your eyes before saying it?”

Lin Qin immediately embarrassed, he suddenly opened his eyes and in a low voice, called out tentatively, “Meng Chao Ge.”

The specially low and soft waxy voice, combined with the tentative look that was even more creamy than milk, made Meng Chao feel that his whole body had gone soft.

How could there be such a cute Lin Qin in this world?

Meng Chao under pressure from the surge of inexplicable emotions, got up, “Let’s go.”

Lin Qin looked up at him, “Go where?”

Meng Chao: “Aren’t you going to use the kitchen tomorrow? Let’s go to the supermarket, fill up the fridge and go out for a stroll.”

“Oh.” Lin Qin also stood up, “Ok.”

Then he stood there looking up at Meng Chao. Meng Chao beckoned to him,” Let’s go, what are you waiting for?”

After waiting for Lin Qin to come closer, Meng Chao opened his long legs and walked side by side with him.

Lin Qin followed by Meng Chao’s side, the corner of his lips rising up unrestrainedly.

The supermarket was a short distance from the villa. It was more than seven o’clock in the evening.

At this point, the supermarket was at its late peak, with people coming and going. As soon as Lin Qin and Meng Chao appeared, they drew a crowd of onlookers, causing a sensation, but fortunately, before they had arrived they had contacted the security guards. They knew to take pictures without causing trouble, however some took their cell phones outside the perimeter of the security guards and started to cause an uproar as they took them.

Lin Qin was clearly uncomfortable with such a noisy atmosphere. From the moment he stepped into the supermarket, he had become stiff. The eyes that fell on him were like thorns in his back.

His palms began to sweat and get wet, making him feel uncomfortable and the surrounding scene around him began to blur, with only a path of eyes like a dark forest flashing with pale green eyes everywhere.

The world was completely cut off, he was standing in the center of a strange world, isolated.


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Rachel Kim
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Hm.. I can’t see this rabbit as an actor really..
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