This evil one is from the Immortal Realm

This evil one is from the Immortal Realm

Chapter 51 Still the same waste bag?

“In that case… then I’ll go.” Ye Xuan Chen’s face split into a happy smile, “I don’t want to go to class anyway, I’m exhausted these days.”

Since Ye Zi Cheng wanted to play, he’ll play with him.

Ye Zi Cheng’s eyes flashed a trace of unexpected surprise. He didn’t expect Ye Xuan Chen to agree so easily. Didn’t the housekeeper say that he didn’t want to go?

“Okay, get ready, I’ll drive.” Ye Zi Cheng didn’t say much. Ye Xuan Chen was willing to go, naturally it was good!

Ye Xuan Chen: “OK.”

After eating breakfast unhurriedly, Ye Xuan Chen went upstairs and changed into a new set of clothes and holding the new cell phone the housekeeper had given him, stepped out of the door lazily.

Outside the gate of the Ye house, Ye Zi Cheng’s hands were on the steering wheel, his eyes dark. It could be said that he was very impatient, but after seeing Ye Xuan Chen coming over, he quickly restrained all the negative emotions.

“Eh?” Ye Xuan Chen walked to the door of the car, looked down at Ye Zi Cheng, and said with a smile, “Your face looks so ugly, become impatient from having waited too long?”

“…. No.” Ye Zi Cheng’s heart jumped, hadn’t he adjusted his facial expression well?

His line of sight fell on the rearview mirror, feeling that this was the kind of gentle smile that he wanted…

Ye Xuan Chen opened the door, sat in the back, placed his hands behind his head as a pillow and said, “I’m just kidding, it seems I scared you.”


On the way to the hospital, Ye Zi Cheng spoke from time to time, ‘concerned’ about Ye Xuan Chen’s condition at school and his physical condition in the past few days. Finally, he asked almost casually: “I heard that you went to the casino last time and won 50 million from Long Ge?”

“Yeah. How do you know that?” Ye Xuan Chen looked at him in surprise!

When Ye Zi Cheng heard him admit it, a strange light flashed deep in his eyes, he smiled: “I have a friend who was in the casino that night, I heard him say this but I didn’t expect it to be true.”

“Ha! Of course, this young master didn’t spend a penny and even picked up 50 million without doing a thing.” Ye Xuan Chen had a smug look on his face, a look that said that even he didn’t expect this!

“Tell me, isn’t Long Ge stupid? Even giving me money to spend?”

“…” Ye Zi Cheng’s mouth twitched, a sneer flashing in his eyes in a place where Ye Xuan Chen couldn’t see. Of course, Long Ge wasn’t stupid. If it hadn’t been for Ye Xuan Chen’s luck being so good that night choosing that woman!

Otherwise, he…

Looking at Ye Xuan Chen’s smug face, Ye Zi Cheng sneered even more in his heart. Long Ge had suffered such a big loss this time, he certainly wouldn’t give up. He would definitely make him spit it back out later!

At that time, he would wait to see a good show!

Ye Zi Cheng changed the look in his eyes and said, “If Long Ge makes things difficult for you again in the future, you don’t have to give him face, or others would think our Ye family is easy to bully!”

“Really?” Ye Xuan Chen seemed a little hesitant.

Ye Zi Cheng nodded: “Of course, the Yang’s are on the same level as the Ye’s, it’s no big deal.”

He was right, it was indeed true on the surface, but the Yang’s had an underworld background that they didn’t have. If Ye Xuan Chen fought against them, he would definitely suffer a loss.

“OK.” Ye Xuan Chen looked like a student who had been educated.


This Zi Cheng could really incite. If it was the original owner, I’m afraid he would have already believed it long ago.

Seeing Ye Xuan Chen listening to his words, Ye Zi Cheng’s face couldn’t help but twist. Sure enough he was still the same waste bag as before.

However, whether it was true that he had amnesia or not, he had to pay careful attention to it, after all, that matter was very important….

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9 months ago

Thank you for the little spoiler – this means I won’t have to worry about shipping :3

You wrote ‘wouldn’t not give up’ around paragraph 20 – is it meant to be double negated or was it meant to be either ‘wouldn’t give up’ or ‘Would not give up’?

Somehow his `brother’s` schemig doesn’t seem very advanced. He is bound to have a bad ending. On another note: wow he panics easily. He needs to control himself better, if he wants to play with YXC. Not that it would be of any use ~

Thank you for the chapter ^-^

Vei Kyuu
Vei Kyuu
9 months ago

Lol bet he’ll be slapped twice as hard by our Immortal xD

Thank you so much for the chapter!!~ 🙇🙇🙇🙇

9 months ago

Poor YZC u will soon be exposed. thanks again and please update

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