This evil one is from the Immortal Realm

This evil one is from the Immortal Realm

Chapter 52 Nie Nan Feng and Ling Tian meet


When Ye Xuan Chen and the other arrived, a special doctor was already waiting. Although Ye Xuan Chen didn’t like the smell here, he still had to cooperate to do a series of checkup.

After the checkup results came out, Ye Zi Cheng was the first to go see the results.

“Doctor, how is my brother?” Ye Zi Cheng asked with concern.

The doctor held the CD test result in his hand, frowning tightly, as he asked in doubt: “How is this possible?”

“Doctor what’s wrong?” When Ye Zi Cheng saw that his face wasn’t good, his heart couldn’t help but jump a little happily.

Doctor: “Not only did the congestion in young master Ye’s head not disperse, it also expanded a little…”

“Then does my brother still have a chance of regaining his memories?” Ye Zi Cheng immediately asked this important question.

The doctor said a little awkwardly, “I’m afraid it would be a little difficult….”

After a pause, the doctor added, “Actually, it’s a blessing that this congestion hasn’t affected young master Ye’s life…”

“Alright! I understand.” Ye Zi Cheng had already heard the news he wanted to know, so he interrupted the doctor’s next words.

As soon as he opened the door to go out, Ye Zi Cheng saw the bored looking Ye Xuan Chen who had both hands crossed over his chest, leaning with his back against the wall.

“Is it over?” Ye Xuan Chen was all smiles as he looked at the startled Ye Zi Cheng.

Ye Zi Cheng pulled out an unnatural smile: “Cough… uhm. The doctor said that except for the congestion in your head, everything is normal.”

“Oh…” Ye Xuan Chen nodded. It seemed the fake ‘congestion’ he had condensed with the spiritual power had fooled the hospital machines.

“Then I’ll take you home.” Ye Zi Cheng smiled.

Since it was very likely that Ye Xuan Chen would never be able to recover his memories, he didn’t need to worry about that for the time being.

Ye Xuan Chen put his hands in his pockets and shook his head, “You just send me to the river by the royal city area, I’ll take a walk alone.”

And by the way see if Ling Tian was at home. ﹋O﹋

In a cafe under the Royal International Building…..

Nie Nan Feng walked in with steady steps. His eyes turned in a circle, then finally landed on the man sitting near the window, a noble air coming from his body.

Nie Nan Feng went straight over and sat down opposite him.

After ordering a cup of espresso for himself, Nie Nan Feng also looked out the window, his voice as cold as always, “I didn’t expect you to also be in A city.”

He had thought of many scenes where the two would meet, but he hadn’t expected it to be such a quiet and peaceful scene.

“Is it really a coincidence?” Ling Tian finally looked at Nie Nan Feng, the look in his eyes extremely cold.

Nie Nan Feng nodded: “A bit.”

The atmosphere fell silent for a while, with no one speaking for a while.

“You didn’t ask me to come to catch up did you?” Nie Nan Feng’s face was expressionless, his voice consistently cold.

Ling Tian stared at him, his voice equally as cold: “Why?”

It was only these three letters with no head or tail, but Nie Nan Feng knew what he was asking.

“I heard that you became a young commander-in-chief six months ago.”

Nie Nan Feng didn’t answer his question, but his eyes held some relief and appreciation as he said: “It’s much earlier than I expected.”

A 21-year-old young commander-in-chief was really like a myth, but Ling Tian did it.

But this was what… he had long expected.

Ling Tian looked at him silently. Once a close friend and elder brother, how could he never have thought of this before, that they would meet after many years, with two diametrically opposite identities.

“Do you regret choosing this path?” Ling Tian looked at Nie Nan Feng with sharp eyes.

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9 months ago

Ahhh – such an ingenious way of using his cultivation. Wonderful way to fool these people. Though it may be a little bit dangerous or rather annoying in the sense, that the doctor may call their parents because of the congestions’ size. that may become a little bit troublesome in the future 😉

The brother though – could he be a little bit unhappier when hearing that it may endanger his life? At least fake? With such a reaction, it wouldn’t be strange for the doctor to realize, that something’s wrong with their relationship. He should really learn from others.

Ahhh, Ling Tian is here again! So he and big brother Nie know each other, has been friends and now stand on opposing sites? That’s a nice little drama they have there. Hopefully we’ll learn more about their relationship in the future.
On a somewhat related note: I have the feeling that YXC will breeze in there and interrupt them. Or try to breeze in and then hide himself to know what’s going on. With his reactions towards LT, my guess is on the former rather than the latter though (/^▽^)/

Thank you for the chapter :3

Vei Kyuu
Vei Kyuu
9 months ago

Hoho what are these two.. aaaahhh.. the mystery deepens xD

Thank you so much for the chapter!!~ 🙇🙇🙇🙇🙇

9 months ago

I wonder if YXC will see them accidentally. thanks again 🙋 and pls update 😘

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