This evil one is from the Immortal Realm

This evil one is from the Immortal Realm

Chapter 53 Giving up everything, do you regret it?

Abandoned military merits, gave up glory, gave up on his dreams, and gave up on the oaths that had once been made.

The man who should have become the patron saint of the empire had taken a completely different path.

“Regret?” Nie Nan Feng’s eyes dropped to the table, to the delicate box containing the sugar, his thin lips clenching tightly. He had also once asked himself, did he regret it?

But there was no answer to this question.

Because there was no room for regret, and he had no right to choose regret.

Even if time went back, he would still choose to do the same thing.

But if time really went back, Nie Nan Feng wouldn’t let that happen…

After a long time, Nie Nan Feng just said, “You asked me to come to me today, was it just to say these insignificant words?”

Ling Tian’s eyes narrowed halfway, slight danger emanating from him.

Nie Nan Feng looked at him, sneering: “Don’t look at me as if you’re looking at a traitor!”

“Huh…” Ling Tian also sneered, his tone extremely cold: “What do you think I should think of you? Black forces leader?”

Nie Nan Feng: “Commander-in-chief Ling, don’t forget, now I’m just a legal citizen! Or you can call me a businessman.”

“Hmph, you, legal?” Ling Tian seemed to have heard a joke.

He didn’t believe that a person with clean hands could do that in such a short time.

Nie Nan Feng’s lips rose up in a cold smile: “At least domestically I am, aren’t I?”

No matter how unforgivable he was, Ling Tian couldn’t deal with him. After all, all his ‘properties’ were abroad…

Looking at the time on his wrist, Nie Nan Feng stood up and said lightly, “I still have things to do, I’m leaving first.”

Ling Tian looked at Nie Nan Feng’s back as he left, his fist clenching unconsciously for a few minutes.

That year, he had just returned from training at the base when he heard that Nie Nan Feng had applied for dismissal from all of his duties, including his eligibility to run for the young commander-in-chief as well as the position as the head of the Nie family, leaving the Empire by himself.

Now seeing each other again, Nie Nan Feng was already the head of the underworld that struck terror in others as soon as he was mentioned, but of course, on the surface he was only a businessman.

What caused Nie Nan Feng to make such an outrageous decision, Ling Tian no longer wanted to investigate it.

Different ways didn’t work together…

After Ling Tian came out of the cafe, he bought food and returned to Royal City Apartment. Just as he got out of the elevator, he saw Ye Xuan Chen squatting at his door.

“You’re back.”

Hearing the noise, Ye Xuan Chen immediately raised his head, two bright eyes looking back at Ling Tian, like a husky waiting for its owner to return home…

Ling Tian frowned, ignored him, raised his hand, keyed in the password, kicked Ye Xuan Chen who was blocking the way aside, entered the door and then tried to close the door immediately.

Ye Xuan Chen’s legs were a little numb, so he was kicked to the side. When he saw that Ling Tian was about to close the door, he had no time to respond, so he directly stuck his head into the crack of the door. “Ouch! It hurts… Show mercy.”

Ling Tian pulled the door open in time to avoid cutting Ye Xuan Chen’s fluffy head off.

“Are you sick!” Ling Tian’s face was ugly, eyes cold, tone extremely ruthless: “If you want to die go far away!”

“Heh heh, I don’t want to die, I just want to come in…” Ye Xuan Chen put on a flattering expression, looking at him pitifully: “I waited for you all day.”

As he spoke, Ye Xuan Chen’s body was like a worm, slipping through the door.

But Ling Tian didn’t let go, so he could only turn his head twice unable to enter.

“I don’t have time to play with you, leave.” Ling Tian’s voice was cold as the cold wind of December.

“Ok, ok, ok.” Ye Xuan Chen’s eyes showed surrender, begging for mercy, “Then let go, let me out…”

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