This evil one is from the Immortal Realm

This evil one is from the Immortal Realm

Chapter 55 Be good!

Ling Tian’s words were inexplicably convincing. The two policemen unconsciously straightened their backs, their expressions solemn. One of them said, “Mr. Ling, rest assured, we will deal with this matter seriously…”

“Ah? I’m not mentally ill…” Ye Xuan Chen immediately retorted, planning to break free from the two again, but the two policemen were already prepared, restraining him tightly, not allowing him to move.

Ling Tian’s cold eyes swept over the two policemen, “That is better.”

With that, the door was closed with a snap.

“Hey… Ling Tian!” Ye Xuan Chen was a little anxious, he still hadn’t eaten yet. He lifted his legs to kick the door, but the two policemen immediately pulled him back, thinking secretly that this man was really strong.

“Be good!” One of the policemen pretended to be fierce, his expression very much similar to that of an adult scaring a child. In his heart, he had already determined that Ye Xuan Chen was a mental patient.

The other said: “Bring him back first, find a way to contact the person in charge of him and the hospital.”

“Okay.” The police officer who told Ye Xuan Chen to be good nodded his head.

Ye Xuan Chen was speechless: “Can you two listen to me?”

Which part of him was acting like a mental patient?



Half an hour later, in the City Police Station …

The small captain, Wang Jiang, kept bowing and apologizing to Ye Xuan Chen with an apologetic look on his face: “Sorry! I’m sorry! Young Master Ye, we’ve made you suffer so much!”

“Hmph!” The housekeeper’s face was ugly as he said in a bad tone: “What kind of eyes do you have? Which part of my young master looks like a mental patient?”

Although he usually to come to the police station, the housekeeper was obviously more forceful and straightforward this time…

“Sorry, it’s our mistake.” Small Captain Wang Jiang nodded, admitting his mistake sincerely. He glanced fiercely at the two policemen who arrested Ye Xuan Chen, saying angrily, “What are you doing!? Catching someone without even investigating the situation first!!!”

“…” The two police officers were also a little embarrassed. That Mr. Ling spoke so convincingly, so they didn’t even doubt it…

“Forget it, forget it, it’s good that my young master is all right.” The housekeeper waved his hand at captain Wang Jiang. He couldn’t stretch out his hands to hit a smiling face and they were also acquaintances, it wouldn’t be good if he went to far.

Wang Jiang’s eyes grazed over Ye Xuan Chen who hadn’t spoken and looked at the housekeeper gratefully. “Thank you, thank you.”

“Young master, shall we go back?” The housekeeper asked Ye Xuan Chen.

Ye Xuan Chen didn’t speak, he just looked thoughtfully at the landline in the police station, then said lightly, “Was it Ling Tian who called the police just now?”

“Yes… Yes!” Wang Jiang nodded, his expression resentful: “It’s all because of that man who made a prank call, making our police officers misunderstand you. When we go back, I’ll definitely send someone to teach him a lesson….”

Ye Xuan Chen glanced at him with a displeased look, saying lightly, “No need, just give me his phone number.”

“Ah?” Small captain Wang Jiang was stunned, not knowing what Ye Xuan Chen wanted to do. “Young master Ye, I’m afraid…” That’s not too good.

Wasn’t this leaking other people’s privacy? As a police officer who upheld justice, he should lead by example, how could he do such a thing!!

The next second…

“Xiao Zhao, go find out that Ling Tian’s phone number for Young Master Ye.” Wang Jiang instructed one of them.


Royal City Apartment….

Ling Tian stared at the freshly made fish soup on the table, his thin lips clenched tightly, a little bit of annoyance flashing in his eyes. He had planned to make steamed fish before…

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9 months ago

Uhhh, now that I know that cultivation will return full force I’m even more excited! Ahhh – how many chapter will it approximately be until it begins to play a bigger role? Or is it too much of a spoiler?

Haha, I feel a little bit sorry for the police officers – they got tricked so easily xD And YXC plays them like a fiddle in the latter part of the chapter – the housekeeper isn’t innocent in that regard though. I like him more and more :3

And Ling Tian! He made fishsoup because YXC told him he liked it. how cute – he’s slowly converting in YXC camp. Their relationship is slowly changing <3

Thank you for the chapter and stay healthy ^-^

9 months ago

Stalkish young master YXC,cute🤩. pls update

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