This evil one is from the Immortal Realm

This evil one is from the Immortal Realm

Chapter 56 Conspiracy?

Inexplicably, Ye Xuan Chen’s pitiful expression when he had just said he was hungry flashed in his my mind. Ling Tian rubbed the middle of his eyebrows, took the fish soup into the kitchen, and directly poured it out!


The cell phone vibrated as the ringtone sounded. A trace of doubt flashed by in Ling Tian’s eyes. He took out the phone and saw that it was a strange number.

Slightly hesitant, Ling Tian pressed the answer button and put the phone to his ear…

“Hi! Senior Ling…” Ye Xuan Chen’s smiling voice came from the other end. Ling Tian didn’t wait for him to finish and directly hung up, his face turning black, moving to have a drink.

Putting the phone on the table, a trace of cold light flashed in Ling Tian’s eyes. Apparently having already guessed where Ye Xuan Chen had gotten his number from.

On the other side, lying in bed and staring at the cell phone that the busy tone was coming from, the corner of his mouth twitched. He had just known that this would be the result.

But he didn’t give up and called him again…

[Sorry, the number you dialed is switched off. ]

“Really not cute!” Ye Xuan Chen hung up and threw the phone to the side, rolling around the big bed in boredom.

And at this time in the Yang family mansion, Yang Yi Fan’s forehead was wrapped with gauze, sitting on the sofa with a gloomy look. He didn’t go to school today, not because of anything else, but because the big knot on his head was too conspicuous. Yesterday when he bandaged it, he had been laughed at secretly several times.

Yang Long came in from the outside, sat opposite Yang Yi Fan and said, “Why are you looking for me?”

Looking over Yang Yi Fan’s forehead, a trace of surprise flashed in his brother Long’s eyes, but he didn’t show any concern.

“Third elder brother, I want to kill Ye Xuan Chen, that little trash!” Yang Yifan didn’t beat around the bush, opening his mouth and saying directly. “Last time you lost 50 million to him, you must not be reconciled right?”

At this moment, his face wasn’t as gentle and as elegant as it was in front of the school crowd, his eyes were cold and vicious.

After Yang Long heard the three words Ye Xuan Chen, there was an obvious flash of cold light in his eyes. The last time at the casino, Ye Xuan Chen had caused him to lose face, and now even people on the road ridiculed him secretly, even his father was a little dissatisfied with him.

“What do you want to do?” Yang Long looked at Yang Yi Fan.

Yang Yi Fan sneered and his eyes were full of darkness and viciousness. He whispered a few words in Yang Long’s ears.

It was already the season of autumn, and the early morning wind of City A was a bit cold. A gust of wind blew by and Ye Xuan Chen couldn’t help but shiver. He reached out to pull his collar up and continued to walk on the uninhabited street.

It was the weekend today, he didn’t have to go to school, but it didn’t make sense to stay at home bored, so he came out to take a walk.

Because of this, Ye Xuan Chen walked around casually for more than an hour and wandered to the vicinity of the Royal City Apartments…

Looking at the Royal City Apartments gate not far away, Ye Xuan Chen couldn’t help walking over, but when the security guard at the door saw him coming over, it was as if he had seen an enemy: “How did you get out!!?”

Damn! The mental patient!

“… I’m not insane!” Ye Xuan Chen’s face was black, he wanted to slap the security guard, but still held back the impulse.

After ten minutes of painstaking explanation, the security guard finally believed that Ye Xuan Chen was a normal person.

“Can you let me in?” Seeing that the security guard finally believed him, Ye Xuan Chen asked with bright eyes.

Security guard: “No!”


“Are you a resident here?”

Ye Xuan Chen shook his head: “No.”

The security guard roared: “Then that’s not right. Leave, or I won’t be polite to you!”

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9 months ago

Well, I really like Novels that have supernatural elements in general – be they cultivation, ghosts or magic. It’s intersting to see how the author integrates these elements into a modern world. I think I’m especially interested in the cultivation aspect here because it was especially stated, that he exploded his primordial spirit – meaning that he has already had higher cultivation. I would be happy if you picked one heavy with cultivation up (or one with heavy supernatural elements), but only if it doesn’t interfere with you and your schedule too much. It wouldn’t do if translations began to stress you out 😉

Okay, so – there are about 40 chapters until he has a breakthrough? Nice :3 Thought it would be too much of a spoiler – but asking never hurt ;p

Ling Tian is kind of a tsundere at the moment, isn’t he? I mean it’s cute, but he should really be more honest with himself – even his subconcious has already realized, that YXC is not as much of a ‘young master’ as he once has and that he is intersting. It could be that he subconcously also knows, that YXC is/was his lover in that other world. We’ll see ~
Those surnamed Long are kind of stupid, aren’t they? Just want kill YXC. If they have the strenght – sure. But I doubt it. They will regret their choices at one point in time …

And Ye Xuan Chen – he’s such a lovelorn little cutiepie towards Ling Tian. Not so towards all the others. Haha, his discussion with the security guard is golden xD

Thank you again for the chapter ^-^

9 months ago
Reply to  Lisa

Haha, I’ll read it either way ^-^ I know it’s hard to find ones that integrate into the modern world. There are few of those. And yeah – terminology will be hard. I could try to help you as a proofreader or maybe editor, but I can’t really help with the translations …

I thought so – I’m quite excited for the new chapter :3

Vei Kyuu
Vei Kyuu
9 months ago

My secondhand embarrassment lingered up until this chapter hahaha.. aiiisssh those Yan pips would surely perish lol GL bois hahaha

Thank you so much for the chapter!!~ 🙇🙇🙇

9 months ago

Poor XYC, trying to chase wifey.pls update

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