Falling in love with the male god

Falling in love with the male god

Chapter 19 Mid-year festival

“Meng Chao Ge, let’s have breakfast.” Lin Qin placed the sandwich on the table and poured each of them a glass of heated milk.

Meng Chao pulled the chair back and sat down. Don’t know if it was because of his heart or because Lin Qin’s skills was really very good, Meng Chao actually felt that the sandwich was extremely delicious.

He asked as he ate, “Lin Qin, how did you learn to cook?”

Meng Chao was one of the few people who knew about Lin Qin’s family background. Lin Qin’s father was the chairman of the Lin Group and Lin Qin was now at Xinyi Entertainment, a company under the Lin Group.

Lin Qin could be said to be a young master, and according to reason should be someone whose ten fingers didn’t touch water, but unexpectedly knew how to cook.

Lin Qin’s hand that was picking up the milk paused. How did he learn how to cook?

He had seen an exclusive interview with Meng Chao where the host asked Meng Chao what kind of partner he liked. Meng Chao said at the time that it depended on his eye, but it would be better if they knew how to cook.

Lin Qin had recorded his words down. Naturally, with his identity, he couldn’t report to any cooking school, so he could only download cooking tutorials online and study them by himself, polishing his skills as well.

Of course, this reason, Lin Qin certainly couldn’t tell it to Meng Chao directly. He drank a mouthful of milk to hide his nervousness, put the glass down and whispered, “I was interested.”

Meng Chao didn’t continue ask, but his eyes fell on Lin Qin’s lips. A milk moustache was printed around his red lips, looking a little cute.

“Meng Chao Ge, why are you looking at me?” When Lin Qin felt Meng Chao’s eyes on him, his body collapsed indistinctly, then he subconsciously stretched out his pink tongue and gently licked around his lips.

Meng Chao’s throat rolling, he pulled a piece of tissue and leaned over to wipe away the milk from the places Lin Qin’s tongue hadn’t licked.

Lin Qin froze. Meng Chao’s breath rushed towards him, enveloping him strongly in it.

Fortunately, Meng Chao’s touch was just like the previous times before, short. But to Lin Qin, a flame was still burning in his heart, warming the bottom of his heart.

“How come you still drink milk like a child?” Meng Chao asked with a smile, his eyes stretching with it, handsome and clear.

Lin Qin didn’t know how to answer for a moment, revealing a silly smile.

Meng Chao smiled as well, eyes very gentle.


Lin Qin pushed out of the villa with wave, the sound of the sea waves in his ears, his heart full of reluctance.

Three days had passed at full speed, and in the blinking of an eye he was going to be separated from Meng Chao.

The recording of ‘We Are Together’ this time was a forerunner, which would only be called an official recording half a month later, which meant, that with this time’s separation, it will be half a month before he would see Meng Chao again.

After finishing the follow-up things, Chu Hong walked over to Lin Qin’s side, “Let’s go.”

Lin Qin looked at the villa reluctantly, searching for Meng Chao’s figure in the crowd.

“Stop searching. Movie Emperor Meng left in the morning because of work. Didn’t he tell you?” Chu Hong took the suitcase in Lin Qin’s hand and put it in the trunk.

“I know.” Lin Qin said, he knew, but he couldn’t help but want to see where he had lived with Meng Chao, even if it had just been for three days.

Chu Hong with an expression of hating the iron that couldn’t become steel sighed, “You!” Then she handed Lin Qin a note.

“This is his personal number. He gave it to me before he left in the morning. If you really can’t bear to part with him, make a call now.”

Lin Qin took the paper, very surprised.

Just now he actually regretted not exchanging contact information with Meng Chao during the past three days. This act, was if Chu Hong was giving him a pillow when he needed one to sleep.

“Cousin, thank you.”

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