This evil one is from the Immortal Realm

This evil one is from the Immortal Realm

Chapter 58 Young master Ye is a little different from rumors

“Just now? What happened just now?” Li Wen thought of the scene he had just witnessed, the security guard seemed to have been arguing with Ye Xuan Chen. He frowned immediately, “You don’t have to come to work tomorrow, no, you can go now.”

He had already heard of Ye Xuan Chen’s character. Whoever offended him, that person would definitely not have a good ending, so Li Wen fired the security guard decisively.

“Wait.” Ye Xuan Chen interrupted them. After listening for a long time, he could feel the signs of a new development, so he said: “He didn’t do anything excessive to me, don’t you think firing him is too much?”

“… ???” Li Wen was stupefied. He hadn’t expected Ye Xuan Chen to speak up for the security guard. He was able to sit in the position of project director because the former project director had spoken accidentally and offended the prince, so he was fired directly.

So Li Wen was secretly grateful to the prince and inquired a lot of news about Ye Xuan Chen. It could be said that he very much ‘understood’ his character, but now it seemed, it wasn’t like that…

The security guard also couldn’t believe it, Ye Xuan Chen unexpectedly spoke up for him. He immediately shed a grateful tear in his heart, secretly saying that rumors weren’t to be believed.

Li Wen quickly responded, saying with a smile: “Young Master Ye is right.”

Then he said to the security guard: “Won’t you quickly thank young master Ye.”

“Thank you young master Ye!” The security guard quickly bowed to Ye Xuan Chen, feeling lucky that he had just escaped from calamity.

“No need.” Ye Xuan Chen waved his hand, looked at the door and asked, “Can I go in now?”

This was the main focus of his concern.

Li Wen immediately said, “Young master Ye, of course you can go in. Even if you want to use this place as your backyard, no one would dare say anything to you.”

The security guard opened the door. “Young Master Ye, please enter.”

The security guard’s change in attitude, made Ye Xuan Chen think in his heart: Sure enough, no matter which world he was in, human nature would never change. Respect was accorded to the strong. If he had entered into a poor boy’s body, afraid today’s change in situation wouldn’t have occurred.

Just as he walked two steps in, Ye Xuan Chen paused and partially turned to look at Li Wen, asking, “Did you just say, I can use this as a backyard?”

“Of course.” Li Wen nodded, but he didn’t know why Ye Xuan Chen was asking.

Ye Xuan Chen’s eyes lit up and he said, “Then I can live here?”

Li Wen was momentarily startled, but he still nodded: “If young master Ye wants to, then naturally it’s ok.”

But in his mind he was speculating, was young master Ye tired of living in a luxurious house, that’s why he wanted to experience the life of an ordinary person?

Ten minutes later, the sales department of Royal City Apartments….

Li Wen came over, a little embarrassed as he said to Ye Xuan Chen: “Young Master Ye, the house you want is already occupied…”

“Occupied?” Ye Xuan Chen was a little disappointed. Why was it so difficult to get closer to Ling Tian!

Seeing that Ye Xuan Chen was unhappy, Li Wen was a little terrified. He hesitated, then suggested: “If young master Ye really wants that place, as long as the price is right, I believe the others will definitely sell it…”

But if that was the case, then Ye Xuan Chen could only pay for it himself.

After listening to Li Wen’s explanation, Ye Xuan Chen asked lightly: “How much do you estimate I probably need.”

Li Wen: “The current value of the house is 10 million, just that I don’t know how much the residents of that house would need in addition before they are willing to sell…”

Ye Xuan Chen took out his cell phone and tapped the housekeeper’s number…

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Vei Kyuu
Vei Kyuu
9 months ago

10 mil straight from the pocket.. deym rich kids hahahaha.. all is fair in love and war haha

Thank you so much for the chapter!!!~ 🙇🙇🙇

9 months ago

Thanks for the awesome work and please update

9 months ago

Lmao – YXC remembering that being a rich kid has it’s advantages while scheming to get closer to Ling Tian xD
Love it – thank you for the chapter ^-^

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