This evil one is from the Immortal Realm

This evil one is from the Immortal Realm

Chapter 60 I just want to know you

Although the housekeeper was somewhat unhappy with Ling Tian’s attitude, thinking that this person was very rude, but at the thought of Ye Xuan Chen staying here, he knew he had to help Ye Xuan Chen build good relations with his neighbors so that in case something happened, they would be alerted.

This was a necessary responsibility he had to undertake as an excellent housekeeper.

“Sir, this is my business card, I hope you can accept it.” The housekeeper shoved his business card into Ling Tian’s hand, smiling, “I also hope you’ll take care of my young master in the future.”

When Ling Tian saw the Ye Group logo on the business card, his eyes turned indifferent and he said coldly, “Who is your young master.”

Housekeeper: “Of course it’s …”

“… Me! He he!” Ye Xuan Chen leaned half of his body at the side of the door and looked at Ling Tian with a bright smile.

“… Hmph!” Ling Tian shoved the fruits and business card into the housekeeper’s arms and shut the door with a ‘bang’.

Housekeeper: “….”

“Hum!” Ye Xuan Chen pouted. “Really not cute!”

“Too… too rude!” After the housekeeper reacted, his face turned sour.

Ye Xuan Chen patted his shoulders in a pacifying manner, “Alright, housekeeper, you’ve been busy for a long time, go back and rest, when I’m free I’ll come by to see you.”

“Young master, I’m not tired.” The housekeeper stared at Ye Xuan Chen with a moved expression. Heavens! Young master cared for him, he could die without any regrets.

Ye Xuan Chen held his forehead: “I’m tired…”

“Okay, young master, you go and rest, I’ll head back first. If something happens you must definitely call me as soon as possible…” The housekeeper said a few words worriedly before closing Ye Xuan Chen’s door.

But within a second of closing it, the door was knocked on again. When the housekeeper saw Ye Xuan Chen open the door, he added: “Young Master, you must sleep on time, don’t stay up too late playing…”

Ye Xuan Chen: “… I understand.”

The housekeeper seemed to be relieved, then shut the door again.

Ye Xuan Chen rubbed his eyebrows and sat down on the sofa. He was finally able to send the housekeeper away with those words. But he really didn’t understand how these people thought. The original owner was almost eighteen years old, but they treated him like a three-year-old, worrying over everything.

He thought of when he was this age… Eh? He seemed to have met Ling Tian when he was at this age?

Thinking of this, Ye Xuan Chen’s heart couldn’t help remembering a memory…

Thinking of something, Ye Xuan Chen couldn’t help but chuckle “He… still has the same darn temper.”

As Ye Xuan Chen was recalling the past, the door was knocked on again. He frowned and got up to open the door.

“Why are you’re back again…” Ye Xuan Chen’s face didn’t look good. He thought it was the housekeeper, but after seeing that it was Ling Tian standing at the door, he immediately burst into a happy smile. “Ah? Ling Tian you’re looking for me?”

“What the hell do you want?” Ling Tian examined him with slightly cool eyes, as if he wanted to see through Ye Xuan Chen’s heart.

Why was he trying so hard to get close to him?

Was he a spy?

Or an agent?

If so, he must be the stupidest.

If not, what was his purpose in approaching him?

Ye Xuan Chen wasn’t afraid of Ling Tian’s stern eyes, he smiled, “I just want to know you, my purpose should be obvious. Haven’t you already figured it out? Otherwise, you wouldn’t have come knocking.”

Ling Tian squinted slightly, his cool thin lips pursing lightly. This feeling of his mind being seen through gave birth to a faint irritability in his heart. Why did this rich second generation kid know him so well?

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9 months ago

Thanks for the update and please continue. LT is now irritated at the second rich generation.poor YXC.

Vei Kyuu
Vei Kyuu
9 months ago

Hahahaha nice housekeeper you got there.. and YXC.. boi you gotta be strong hahaha

Thank you so much for the chapter!!!~ 🙇🙇🙇🙇🙇🙇

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