This evil one is from the Immortal Realm

This evil one is from the Immortal Realm

Chapter 61 Together

Therefore, the eyes with which Ling Tian used to look at Ye Xuan Chen became even colder.

“Don’t be angry, I didn’t say anything.” Ye Xuan Chen shrank his neck back and coughed softly, “Cough. Would you like to come in and sit down?”

“Hmph.” Ling Tian looked at him coldly and turned back to his apartment.

“…” Looking at Ling Tian who he had successfully sacked again, a sense of frustration rose up in Ye Xuan Chen’s heart. At that time what specific thing did Ling Tian like about him? Because now no matter what initiative he took, he still hated him more?

I don’t understand…

It was another night of insomnia. Ye Xuan Chen had long recognized that he had this problem since childhood. Every time he changed locations, he wouldn’t be able to sleep. Even before he had gotten himself familiar with the Ye family, he had moved out again. What a pain!

The next day…

At 5:30 in the morning, Ling Tian, wearing a sports suit came out of his apartment, planning to go on his morning run as usual.

At this moment, the door of the apartment next door also opened. Ye Xuan Chen in a sports suit also came out and greeted Ling Tian happily: “Ling Tian, good morning!”

Ling Tian’s hand that was closing his door paused for a moment, then ignoring Ye Xuan Chen, he closed the door and walked directly to the elevator, raised his hand and pressed the elevator button.

“Ling Tian? Are you going on a run?” Ye Xuan Chen moved closer to him, asking what he already knew.

“What a coincidence! I want to run too, we can go together…”

The elevator door opened and Ling Tian didn’t even look at him, going straight in.

Ye Xuan Chen followed closely behind and the two of them left the gate of Royal City Apartment one after the other, heading toward the river not far away.

Ling Tian thought that a rich second generation like Ye Xuan Chen who could only eat, drink and play wouldn’t be able to keep up with his speed, but after half an hour, Ye Xuan Chen was still sweating behind him, having run about eight meters.

The sky was still dim now and there were only a few people occasionally seen on the waterfront, also running and exercising, or they were sanitation workers cleaning the road.

Ye Xuan Chen saw Ling Tian speed up, gritted his teeth and also sped up a bit. The original owner’s body was too weak. Now that he was occupying his body, he couldn’t even run more than two hours without panting, just like right now, after half an hour he was tired like a dog.

In this way, the two ran a circle along the edge of the river, completing exactly one hour.

“Ah… Hu hu….” Ye Xuan Chen bent over, hands on his knees, big sweat drops dripping onto the ground, his whole body looking like he had just been fished out of the river.

Ling Tian looked at Ye Xuan Chen’s unsteady standing position, a trace of disdain flashing at the bottom of his eyes, he sneered, “Don’t follow me if you can’t hold on.”

“Who… who said I couldn’t hold on, this young master will run with you every day in the future. If I don’t come then I’m a dog!” Ye Xuan Chen gasped, making a bold statement.

He was doing this not only because he wanted to get close to Ling Tian, but also because this body really needed the exercise.

Just when Ling Tian was about to say something else, a surprised cry suddenly came from behind: “Ah? Xuan Chen! What are you doing here?”

Nie Xiao Jiu stood not far away, holding on to the fenced stone pillar beside the river, as sweaty as Ye Xuan Chen, looking like he was about to collapse.

“Hu… Xiao Jiu. Big brother Nie.” Ye Xuan Chen also hadn’t expected such a coincidence, meeting the two people here.

But soon he was relieved. Didn’t Nie Xiao Jiu say before, that everyday at half past five his big brother would pull him out for a morning run, and it seemed they had just finished.

Nie Xiao Jiu came over, put his hands around Ye Xuan Chen’s shoulder and asked, “Why didn’t you come to school that day?”

“I went for a checkup again. Hey… don’t lean on me, I don’t have energy!” Ye Xuan Chen batted Nie Xiao Jiu’s paw away.

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9 months ago

Thanks for the update

9 months ago

Okay so: Ling Tians thoughts last chapter? Hilarious, if understandable if I were in his position. With what we know of these two though? Simplay can’t hold in my laugh ~

Also: the housekeeper keeps being a cutie. Poor man was thrown out of the house.

Ye Xuan Chen seems to know how to hide his mentality pretty well if he’s had insomnia since he came to the Ye family. If that was me, I’d probably cry at some point in time. And he even has energy to go and bother Ling Tian by going on a run with him. I respect his decisions. Especially when he does it in great parts also because his body is in such a bad shape.

Nie Xiao Ju is here!b Baby boy and big bro. Ahh,, big brothers’ reaction as well as Ling Tians is going to be … interesting. Will their hostility show? We’ll see :3

Thank you for the chapter! (Including the one from yesterday ~)

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