Falling in love with the male god

Falling in love with the male god

Chapter 23 Online celebrity

Weibo held a grand festival every year at the middle of the year and end of the year. Compared with the year-end festival, the mid-year festival wasn’t so grand.

However, this year’s mid-year festival had a big gimmick, that was, the low-key capable movie emperor Lin Qin, who had recently been finally seen by the public, was going to attend the festival.

Everyone knew that Lin Qin had a very low-key existence. Even before that, the public didn’t know that there was such a person, they only knew that there was a Chinese who took the Cannes film festival movie emperor award last year. As for who it was, in this era where the internet was king, it didn’t attract much attention.

If it hadn’t been for Lin Qin and Meng Chao, who was known as the legend of the entertainment industry, participating in the recording of the love reality show ‘We Are Together’, it was estimated that such an excellent actor wouldn’t have been noted by the public.

This era where internet fame was king could also be said to be the era of where the beauty of one’s face was prioritized.

And Lin Qin happened to have a face that matched the small fresh meat type, which made him suddenly be seen all of a sudden and popular.

Coupled with his outstanding acting skills, it also distinguished him from those online stars, earning the favor of passersbys.

The more the public understood Lin Qin, the more they understood that this person was indeed very low key.

So as soon as they heard that Lin Qin was going to attend the Mid-Year festival, the originally normal festival attracted the attention of the general public in masses.

In the blink of an eye, the mid-year festival had arrived.

The red carpet had always been a place for the entertainment industry, from big red carpets in major film festivals to red carpets in small ones, so it wasn’t surprising that this year’s mid-year festival was also using one.

Compared to female stars, male stars had much less room for posing on the red carpet. Those in Western-style suits and formal attires would just have to show their figures at that time.

Lin Qin belonged to the highly fitting and elegant type. His suit was a tailor-made high-definition one and it also had a cinched middle style which completely outlined his thin waist. The ironed straight suit pants also showed Lin Qin’s long and slender pair of legs.

Even standing in front of a roomful of male stars, Lin Qin was a kind of existence that stood out, belonging to the kind that could be noticed at a glance.

Chu Hong standing next to Lin Qin said in a low voice, “Don’t be nervous. When you’re walking on the red carpet, you must remember that your movie emperor Meng is watching the live broadcast. If you’re nervous, you’ll look bad on the red carpet and it will be seen by your movie emperor Meng.”

Lin Qin’s face warmed up, saying to himself, ‘What is my movie emperor Meng, that’s not the case at all!’

He nodded and took a deep breath.

Lin Qin didn’t like to stand in front of people, it made him physically nervous, caused him to shiver and sweat and in severe cases he even forget to breathe.

Social phobia was a chronic mental health condition and was very serious.

This was why Lin Qin was very low-key. He would rather stay at home for ten and a half months than go out.

The eyes that fell on Lin Qin, whether it was intentional or unintentional, malicious or out of goodwill, made Lin Qin incomparably tense, not to mention physical touch.

Chu Hong was Lin Qin’s cousin who had been with Lin Qin for a long time, but Lin Qin still couldn’t accept Chu Hong’s touch.

Hence Chu Hong felt more than once that the movie emperor Meng was Lin Qin’s courage.

For him, Lin Qin had resolutely entered the entertainment circle that could be said to have no privacy and could also pretend to attend a ceremony as if nothing happened, just because he would have the opportunity to look at Meng Chao from afar.

The same was also true this time. Just because Meng Chao said he would take the time to watch the live broadcast of the mid-year festival, Lin Qin had come without hesitating.

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