Falling in love with the male god

Falling in love with the male god

Chapter 24 Online celebrity

A knock was heard on the door of the lounge and the voice of the staff came in. “Mr. Lin, it’s your turn.”

“Coming.” Chu Hong responded and said to Lin Qin: “Take a deep breath, deep breath, your ears are red.” Lin Qin’s face would have been able to compete with a monkey’s butt if it wasn’t covered by foundation.

When Lin Qin heard this he really took a deep breath. Actually, he was still a little afraid to open the door of the lounge, but at the thought of Meng Chao now watching the live broadcast, watching him, it wasn’t so scary.

Lin Qin took a sip of water and walked out of the lounge under the guidance of Chu Hong.

There was a distance from the lounge to the red carpet and a limousine would send the stars over, with the same arranged car bringing them back.

When Lin Qin opened the door and got into the car, he found that a person was already in it.

Even though it was limousine, the space in the car was still limited. After Lin Qin sat in, his whole body froze, his palms beginning to sweat, he didn’t even notice who was sitting opposite him.

When Chu Hong saw this, her face sank immediately.

The organizer hadn’t discussed with them before who would be walking the red carpet with Lin Qin in advance, and had just chosen a female star in an exposing dress.

A few minutes before the departure, Chu Hong immediately asked the staff.

It was then she understood that it was the female star who had bribed the organizer and asked him to arrange for her to walk the red carpet with Lin Qin. After all, Lin Qin’s popularity had been relatively high recently and certain female stars also wanted to take the chance to rub off on Lin Qin’s popularity.

Actually she was even overestimating this female star. This woman named Zhu Yan was just an online influencer who had a live broadcast platform.

Chu Hong was very displeased. The organizer’s practice of inserting people around Lin Qin without any discussion really made Chu Hong feel disrespected.

Seeing that the car was about to start, Chu Hong was worried about Lin Qin.

If she stopped the car, Lin Qin’s name would become a hot search. The media and social media advertising platforms didn’t care what the reason was, as long as they would be the first to pull in a lot of viewers.

And in the eyes of ordinary people, this issue was a trivial matter, there wasn’t any need to worry about it.

Chu Hong knew that today they would have to suffer this loss.

She only hoped that Lin Qin would be able to hold on with his belief in movie emperor Meng.

Lin Qin really did rely firmly in his belief in Meng Chao to hold on. When Zhu Yan saw Lin Qin getting in the car, she immediately moved closer to Lin Qin. Lin Qin could even smell the strong perfume coming from Zhu Yan’s body.

The strange breath was like a knife approaching his face, making Lin Qin feel as if he was sitting on pins and needles, the blood on his lips receding, his palms and forehead beginning to sweat even more.

However, Zhu Yan didn’t notice Lin Qin’s nervousness. She approached Lin Qin and exhaled delicately as she said, “Mr. Lin, I have seen your movie [Double Love] and I like the role you played in it. Can you sign an autograph for me?”

With Zhu Yan’s approach, Lin Qin’s body responded to the stress, his instinct becoming greater than reasoning. His body retreated backwards, not sitting firmly, his one buttock sitting on the seat.

Such evasiveness made Zhu Yan feel as if she had lost face, a trace of anger flashing in her eyes, but the next second she said worriedly: “Mr. Lin, what’s wrong?’ Then she reached for him.

Lin Qin avoided Zhu Yan’s eyes, got up, sat on the opposite seat and said uneasily as he choked, “I’m fine.”

The distance between them opened, the strong perfume became a little lighter. It was only then that Lin Qin felt his breath became clear.

Zhu Yan still wanted to move over, but at this moment the door opened again and the light from outside entered.

Lin Qin seemed to feel something. He looked up at the door…

Then he could no longer feel the noise and malice of the whole world. In his heart, only the person standing outside the door was in his eyes.

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